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TinWiki: Angel

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posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 08:32 PM
An Angel is a mythological being found in almost all religions on Earth. Angels are generally thought of as being good beings, with the exception of Satan who in Christian mythology rebelled against god and was cast out at which point Satan started to reign over Hell. As aforementioned, angels are mentioned in many religions all over the world and can be classed into two categories. the first group are messengers from God; the second type of angels are warriors, guards, protectors, this version of angel is commonly called a guardian angel and has been mentioned in many western books, papers and television shows. A lot of people are contemplating the possibly that angels may be slaves to a higher being, a supreme or divine being, that they have no option and that they are commanded to do its bidding, others think that angels are actully a extension of God's will.

Judaic thoughts on angels

In the bible angels are referred to in four seperate terms. Melakh Elohim is a messenger of God. Melakh Adonai is a messenger of the Lord. B'nai Elohim is a son of God. Ha-qodeshim is a holy one.

In post-biblical Judaism angels were mentioned taking roles, much like how you and i would take a job. Some become known as warriors, such as the Archangel Micheal.

Angel In Popular Culture

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