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LHC Null Vortex and very weird stuff

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posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 02:19 PM
As we all know the LHC is going to be up and running again soon. latest reports say that the previous malfunctions have been repaired. I know we have discussed about the LHC quiete a lot here at ATS.

I was just wondering about something. For whatever reason, I can not find the topic about the LHC back where I explained null vortexes and interdimensional gateways. I am curious as to where it is since I can't find it back anywhere, not on ATS itself or on google (where I could find it in a single search)
Also, the added more sensors to the LHC according to the LHC website, some to the magnets they say. Far be it for me to speculate wether they might have placed some extra 'just in case'. (site can be found here)

Also ofcourse, I don't mind any debate about the LHC being continued here.

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