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TinWiki: Almighty Latin Kings

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posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 01:22 PM
The Almighty Latin Kings is a secret society that has a strict hierarchy, a constitution and bylaws. It is primarily a North American organization. Male members are known as Kings and the female members are known as Queens. The entire order is supposed to be headed by a solitary person, the Inca. The organization uses initiation to bring new members into the society, and has secret codes any symbols used to communicate with one another, through bodily tattoos and graffiti, along with hand signals and secret pass grips.

The group engages in social welfare and some populist politics alongside their primary activity of organized crime. In that, they mainly make profit by selling and smuggling drugs.

Recently, the organization's members have extended their chapters into Native American reservations. They do this by marrying native women, and thus are included within the culture-group of the reservations. Once there, they primarily engage in drug smuggling, especially with tribes whose reservation crosses national borders. The drugs are largely sold to people within the reservations; this is a population that already has profound psychological problems with depression and substance abuse, thus making them a natural population to prey upon.

They have also recently received a measure of official recognition or quasi-acceptance in Ecuador, under the government of Rafael Correa[1], the concept being that a criminal organization is also by definition to some extent the expression of the political will of downtrodden/disenfranchised persons, and that by recognizing the legitimate aspirations of such persons they may be co-opted into legal activities to the overall benefit of society.



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