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Is Earth In Imminent Danger From Inbound Meteors?

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posted on May, 31 2004 @ 11:17 PM
So far all we have is speculation and rumour, the evidence suggests something coming this way but the manner in which the evidence has been delivered plus a lot of things predicted to have happened thus far have not come to pass.

There is always something incoming/gonna kill us/subjugate us/terrorize us.

We live in and age where the internet has given us unpresedented acess to information both factual and made up. How many on this foruum and others across the worlds servers would go out of their way to debunk/fool/leg pull/cheat/frighten/ wind up...

Any truth given out is lost among the lies.

If these things are coming then what can we do? Nothing.
If these things arnt coming/wont hit us what can we do?: Nothing.

Personally i dont know what to do. Here in England we have little in guns or survival/camping equipment.

Aussie Bloke saya get guns/food/and baton down the hatches. hehe has he ever LIVED in England. Where?

All we can do is hold on and hope to either survive without a scratch or a swift death.

LOL its all crap either side of the coin.

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 11:47 PM
Im new here but heres my take on all of this. Bloke may be right, he may be wrong. But imo, if it happens ill be happy. Humanity need to be woken up. We think that we are the kings of the planet and that we can do what we want. WRONG!! We need the planet more than it needs us. Enjoy your days here on earth,whether it be another month or another 1000 years. god speed to you all.

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 12:32 AM

Originally posted by baked
I found this page thru Rense.......
Anyway, here is a scary thought to ponder:

While surfing on the internet back on March 22nd, I happened to come across a message board in which one poster revealed that they had an insider in NASA who had been providing them information. In a nutshell he revealed that by mid to late May and going on through 2005, the earth's orbit is potentially going to go through the tail of several comets and afterward be inundated by meteors causing worldwide calamity from not only the vapor, but the impact/s.

Apparently, the vapor associated with these comet tails are extremely dangerous and flammable. There is SO much that is occurring right now that although at first glance they seem normal, it is not so. Several points the poster made was that the ISS was going to make an excuse to return to earth and that America's homeland security would be going to red (from its current orange) and eventually red. He even said that something significant would be revealed on April 16th that would put things into motion. Remember, these comments were made on March 22nd. He even revealed that is seems even congress is preparing to go underground. At any rate, below are his comments and some of the current proof, and thought your site needed to get this information out to the public. Here were the first comments he made on March 22nd:

Here is a simple scenario for the those who want the overall expectation. Three or four separate "events" the forth undetermined because they may be an interaction of the third "event" making it as if four "events". All are separated with a time factor of months. The first is why this is taking NASA so long to make a definite calculation but an event will happen on April 16th that will confirm things.

As incredible as it sounds, two comets are on a collision course near earth, so near in fact, that one is expected to knock the other into (most likely) the western hemisphere, but it is unknown whether that will be into the ocean or on a landmass.

Read on he also talks about the SOHO discrepincy with the last comet.

Any thoughts on this?

Yes. And we are all going to die.
Come on people. If you believe any of this crap then quite frankly(hate to be mean) then you deserve to die.

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 12:30 PM
guys, im not going to say if this is right or not, but i would like to point out what website it is from. that website is known to have alotta crap on it that isn't true. those of you that kept up with the whole "aussie bloke" situation know what im talkin about...

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 12:37 PM
Aussie came clean guys. The "Very Scary End of the World Article" thread is bunk.

There is always a danger of being hit by something. And frankly, does it matter whether it's a comet or asteroid or nuclear war? Not really. The end result is the same: we're all dead. And IMO, there's less of a chance of being able to deflect a comet than an asteroid because it is ice and when ice is impacted by something it usually just splinters uncleanly.


posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 12:55 PM
Sorry for my first post being this big
but here is what Aussie bloke has now said from the website

It fits in with Bible Prophecy. Christ said how the end times will unfold numerous times in the Bible. Christ said that not even He knows what day He will return to claim His children and that only God knows. However, Christ also told us to be watchful for these events knowing if we begin to see them taking place, to look up as our redemption is drawing near (Luke 21:28) Here are a few other verses telling what events will usher in the end times, there are many, many more: Luke 21:11, Luke 21:25-28, Revelation 6:12-17
If, and we do say "if" these events do unfold, it would provide one of the greatest opportunities for evangelism in our lifetime and we cannot pass this up and hope our readers understand. Bush Country has tens of thousands of visitors, many who are not saved and we would be amiss if we did not lay out what has been forwarded to us because of its possible significance in leading the unsaved to Christ.
At any rate, below is the 3rd email we received from the "Unknown" reader who continues to remain anonymous. Most of this information comes directly from the thread he has been following, but there is also information about other coincidental events happening IE: The unprecedented actions that the worlds superpowers navy's will be doing in June. Here is the email:


Several weeks ago, I sent you the article entitled "Is The End Of The World As We Know It Right Around The Corner?" and informed you that I would let you know when this guy named Aussie Bloke makes his last post. Well, it finally happened.

After 2 Weeks of visiting his family/saying goodbye, Aussie Bloke came back and true to his word, posted on the 29th of May who he is. His comments are noted below:

Aussie Bloke
5:19 am EDT Re: Aussie Bloke Vol.#3 it is. I AM DR GARTREL. Happy now? As for what I know....I've already told you. You want bloody have them already. You want to know what will happen? the above posts. You don't believe me?...YOUR problem! YOU have brains...USE I've encouraged you all to do all along!!! READ THE BLOODY SIGNS>>>>>>>but no...some remain flaming BLIND!!!! because they WANT TO. Wont change a thing. I am screwed now...cats out of the bag now...I am who I am....and who gives a ____. IM BLOODY ANGRY!!!!! DO you people have ANY BLOODY IDEA at ALL what it has been like for myself and others who have known about this for BLOODY TWO DECADES!!!!!!!! But no...WELL BUGGER IT ALL!!!!!! For those who have patiently waited for me I am truly sorry for not doing the expected. I told you all weeks ago exactly where and have the details already. The reason? THINK about it!!! IF I had told you all back then that the information WAS in fact THE information you all wanted....the site would have shut down. I had to do it this way...the information has been out for over two weeks now...and the ptb can now do bugger all about it. I have been around them long enough to know how they think and what they would they can do nothing. The times locations and eta of the cloud and objects has already been posted. NOW all you have to do is hope to hell that someone out there copied it. NOW...GET THE WORD OUT!!!! THIS IS LEGIT. FAREWELL TO ALL. SEE YOU IN ETERNITY.

Someone did some research on Aussie Bloke and found out that he is indeed who he say's he is, which makes the entire thread that I had sent you several weeks ago even more disturbing. Here is the info that has been pulled about him:
Bibliographic Meteor Database - Meteor Showers
Austral. J. Phys. 28, 591-620
Olsson-Steel, D.I. & Elford, W.G., The Use of Radars in the Detection of In falling Space Debris International Dark-Sky Association -- Information Sheet 44 Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, Vol. 17 08/98
Meteor observations with an MF radar
Masaki Tsutsumi1, David Holdsworth2, Takuji Nakamura3, and Iain Reid4
1National Institute of Polar Research, Tokyo, Japan
2Atmospheric Radar Systems, Adelaide, Australia
3Radio Atmospheric Science Center, Kyoto University, Uji, Kyoto, Japan
4University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia
(Received August 19, 1998; Revised June 6, 1999; Accepted June 10, 1999)
Earth Planets Space, Vol. 51 (Nos. 7, 8), pp. 691-689, 1999 in the bibliography of the pdf: Steel, D. I. and W. G. Elford, The height distribution of radio meteors: comparison of observations at different frequencies on the basis of standard echo theory, J. Atmos. Terr. Phys., 53, 409–417, 1991.

I am going to leave your readers (if you decide to post this) with several links, and information that I have been able to pull about this "end of the world" scenario. It is not just Aussie Bloke who is talking about these inbound comets, there are also some very disturbing signs happening which leads one to believe that either there are some incredible coincidences going on, or Aussie Bloke is right, and we will have "hell on earth" in June.

By the way, here are the days and the events which are supposed to happen on them:

June 8-9 Dust Cloud begins to reach the Earth and darkening of the skies.
June 18-20 1st impact
June 24-25 2nd impact
June 27-28 3rd impact of the "anomaly"
Now for the coincidences. The first is stock market site article that talks about something I had posted on my last email to you about an intercepted transmission from Ham operators about something that is supposed to hit earth in June. It was called: Is "Snowball" A Coincidence?

Here is an interesting article I pulled just a few days ago. These fireballs have increased significantly over the last several weeks and are happening EVERYWHERE.

Fireball Near Grover´s Mill, N.J.

Startled New Jersey residents tied-up the phone lines late this evening calling authorities to report a large orange fireball that passed over the town and apparently hit the ground several miles west of Grover´s MIll. No reports of fires or injuries from the area have been made, but locals expressed concern that the unknown phenomena had made a rumbling noise when it passed over that was strong enough to rattle windows and frighten pets.

"I thought a jet was coming down right in the street," said Betty Ocker, a housewife in Grover´s Mill, "it was loud, and I mean really loud."

Police have asked residents to clear up the telephone lines and use them only for emergency purposes until things get worked out, said a town spokesperson. Apparently the local districts received so many calls after the meteor passed overhead that the lines jammed and they have been unable to handle normal calls for police assistance.

Local fire teams were dispatched to the woods west of town to make sure that no fires were started by the space rock, but none of them have reported finding anything as yet.

Here was a comment from someone on the same "Aussie Bloke" thread making comments about what was being discussed (too many coincidences going on to not believe that something is coming from the heavens and will reach us soon)

I am an historian from the border region of Austria with some background in the diplomatic corps, 65 years old and now semi-retired.

I have heard about the ´Aussie Bloke´ postings from a young relative of my family and what I have read has struck a chord in me. In short, there are things happening at a diplomatic level in Europe that point to a major catastrophe within weeks, if not days.

RE: Emergency planning, naval and military mobilization

Yes, this is indeed something I wanted to highlight, although I am aware that some aspects of the naval mobilization are now in the public news domain.

What you are seeing here is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of a longer and finely coordinated military posture that is being coordinated in tandem with confidential inter-governmental briefings taking place under the auspices of Swiss officials in Geneva.

Signs abound. There is a certain sub-strata of the civil service in London that, together with senior emergency planning officers, has been evacuated from its headquarters in the British capital. This took place very recently.

Many US military bases outside of home territory that were falling into disuse have been frantically refurbished and restocked over the last 18 months, and one must ask oneself why this is happening. The standard reason given for these unprecedented upgrades is ´preparedness´ in the
so-called war on terrorism.

The United States military infrastructure is actually quite widely dispersed; a catastrophe affecting the land mass of North America alone would therefore not imperil the operational integrity of the US High Command. The same principle applies to American financial and economic instruments deployed ´in expatriate´: instruments largely inured against an anticipated collapse of the domestic banking and credit markets.

I found this gentleman's writings on projected meteor impacts rather interesting, as his predicted dates of arrival dovetail rather neatly with the current and future logistics pertaining to premium shipping lines, the navies of several large nations, military contingents and the movements of elite personnel.

The nation most advanced in this field of planning is Switzerland, where many in senior positions, especially in the security and medical professions, have been put on Stufe 2 since the beginning of April 2004. Even during the Cold War, most memorably the Cuban Crisis, the levels raised were hardly ever above Stufe 3.

I believe the levels in both Austria and Germany are lower. In the case of the latter, this is on no account due to ignorance or poor planning resources, but rather because of their concerns with secrecy and forcing a run on resources. People in Germany - and I live on the border, so I know - are becoming aware that something strange is transpiring within the emergency planning regime, if only because there has been extensive re-testing of the outdated airborne attack warning sirens.

I still keep in touch with many friends and colleagues who work for the diplomatic corps in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, many of whom are currently spending an inordinate amount of their residual time locked in emergency preparedness that goes way beyond any threat that can be reasonably ascribed to terrorism.

Here is one that talks about some very strange things that the federal reserve is doing which leads one to think they know something is about to happen. I don't know what the heck they are talking about, but it sounds like something quite disturbing is coming:

"Let me just say from the outset that the Federal Reserve has confirmed our Stock Market Crash forecast by raising the Money Supply (M-3) by crisis proportions, up another 46.8 billion this past week. What awful calamity do they see? Something is up. This is unprecedented, unheard-of pre-catastrophe M-3 expansion. M-3 is up an amount that we´ve never seen before without a crisis - $155 billion over the past 4 weeks, a $2.0 trillion annualized pace, a 22.2 percent annualized rate of growth!!! There must be a crisis of historic proportions coming, and the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is making sure that there is enough liquidity in place to protect our nation´s fragile financial system. The amazing thing is, the Fed´s actions mean they know what is about to happen. They are aware of a terrible, horrific imminent event. What could it be?

One can draw no other conclusion except that the Fed is acting irresponsibly in its managing the money supply, in fulfilling its duty to "maintain a stable currency." I reject the notion that the Fed is acting irresponsibly. No, something is up, bigger than we have ever seen in the history of the United States. Let me ramble. Perhaps they simply see the ominous technical landscape we have been warning about in recent issues, and are attempting to pull out all the stops to avert the predicted crash. The recent rally in just about everything is similar to 2003´s market behavior when the Fed pumped massive amounts of liquidity into the system during the first half of the year. This time seems different. The amount of liquidity is too large. The Fed is deflating the value of the monetary base by a fifth! Why are they willing to do this? Wisdom says something bad is up - big time."

Yet another one which talks about the UK preparing for evacuations:

Lastly, did you know that just about every major countries navy's will be at sea in June? Apparently, deep water is much more safe than docking in shallow water if strong waves are blown inland. Here are some comments from one of the forums along with some links for proof of what is going on.

Just why is it that nearly our entire naval fleet, have unprecedented orders to leave for the Oceans? AND, they aren't alone. At least parts of Iran, Britain, Australia, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are going too. Makes me want to find out where the British Navy is holing up these days. And what of the Russians? hmmm.... Does anyone ever stay home and protect their own borders anymore? Isn't that what they are supposed to be doing? Something is very, very fishy here!"

Let's go through a list of which countries are putting navies to sea for the month of June. Take the U.S. naval group's departure from San Diego. What's the official story of the 6,000+ sailors leaving Monday?

(Norfolk) a local television station in Norfolk reports that a total of seven carrier strike groups are putting to sea in June - which if I'm not mistaken is an unprecedented move: "While the Navy won't say where the seven carrier groups are going, the carriers not already deployed are expected to be gone for only one to two months." Story (RealPlayer needed) at (England) The British are also putting an unusual number of ships to sea during June. Meantime, Channel 13 in Hampton Roads, VA reports in part that:

"Called "Exercise Blinding Storm" by the United States and "Exercise Rapid Alliance" by the U.K., the training will involve about 30,000 troops from seven nations in exercises off and on the coast of North Carolina. Dutch marines and French soldiers will take part, as well as a Peruvian submarine and contingents from Germany and Canada. The flotilla is expected to set sail Tuesday, with the two-week amphibious exercise scheduled to begin June 10. The British landing platform dock ship Albion has already arrived. It carried four Challenger II battle tanks — the British equivalent of the U.S. M1-A1 Abrams tank. The tanks will be sent ashore aboard the ship's new landing craft during the exercise. The biggest British ship — the aircraft carrier Invincible — also has docked with a crew of 1,050. "

Also look at this huge list of other recent deployments...

Carrier Group Leaves On Deployment
Ships Are Not Scheduled To Support Operations In Iraq

(1) Aircraft carrier Stennis (CSG)
(2) Guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain (CG 57)
(3) Burke-class destroyer USS Howard (DDG 83)
(4) Guided-missile frigate USS Ford (FFG 54)
(5) Fast-attack submarine USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716)
(6) Replenishment ship USNS Rainier (T-AOE 7) Also
(7) amphibious assault ship Belleau Wood
(8) amphibious transport dock ship Denver
(9) amphibious transport dock ships Comstock
(10-11) Burke-class guided missile destroyers Preble and Hopper -- will depart next month.
(12) USS Tucson Departs on Western Pacific Deployment
(13) Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Russell

Also: USS McCampbell (DDG 85) departed May 5 for its first
deployment. The ship and its crew are headed to Southeast Asia in support of a Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) cruise. McCampbell will be conducting joint naval exercises with the countries of Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Also: Twenty Royal Navy ships, led by HMS Invincible, are heading
off to take part in the exercise called Rapid Alliance, which is taking place off the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Article: Marines Take off for Naval Exercise with U.S.

Mediterranean Sea Surface Strike Group deployment:
(14) Guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage (DDG 61)
(15) Guided-missile destroyer USS Ross (DDG 71),
(16) Guided-missile frigate USS Elrod (FFG 55)

USS John C. Stennis Strike Group Deploys for Pacific Operations:
Navy-Marine strike group leaves on 6-month deployment:
More than 5,000 sailors and Marines with the Belleau Wood
Expeditionary Strike Group will leave San Diego Thursday for
a six-month deployment in support of the war on terrorism
The amphibious assault ship Belleau Wood and the amphibious
transport dock ships Denver and Comstock will depart from 32nd
Street Naval Station beginning at 8:30 a.m. Thursday. "It is the
first time an expeditionary strike group will be commanded by a Marine general, according to the Navy.


"The Army begins a major staging operation today at the port to ship equipment to southwest Asia." Article: Army to ship vehicles overseas via Olympia:

Official explanation: Strike Group Deploys Early To Help Quell
Insurgency "The plan was developed to train naval forces for quick response to crises and in support of national interests."

Ford heads to sea Frigate's crew departs for 4 months

USS Tucson Departs on Western Pacific Deployment

Surface Strike Group Ships Deploy From Norfolk

"coastal patrol ships Typhoon and Sirocco prepared to leave port at the Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base Friday to relieve two sister ships"

ROTA, Spain (NNS) -- USNS Patuxent (T-AO 201) accompanied patrol
boats USS Typhoon (PC 5) and USS Sirocco (PC 6) on their journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Naval Station Rota, Spain, and arrived in port with the two PCs May 12.

So, I have to ask, are all these things happening a coincidence, or did Aussie Bloke provide us truthful information that the world as we know it will not exist after June? I personally think its true, there are just too many coincidences. Something is going on, and inbound comets seem to be the likely thing causing this.

I will close by asking you to please post this email on your site. There are a lot of unsaved people that read your website and this is a great opportunity to witness the gospel to them. Even though I believe things are coming, I have total and absolute peace because I know I will be with Christ after I leave this world. Hopefully, your readers have that piece as well. If not, they can go to this link to see all that is needed for total peace.

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 01:20 PM
OK, I just joined over here from OVER THERE..ya all know where I'm talking about. I got a little sick of all the BS and the SLOWWWWW loading time. I hope to be in better company here...HELLO NICE TO MEET YOU!
Anyhow, what's the take on AB? What WAS that scientists name that was killed a dew weeks back? You aren't referring to Mallove are you? I've heard a lot of people htink that his death was related. But, wasn't he into free energy and not comets and such? Not sure...hmm...

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 01:25 PM

I read the same post somehwere? Anyway, I just want to say whether it is true or not, things are getting pretty weird all round. The weather channel reports the weather with strained pretense of normalcy. We know the weather is going crazy, but why? The weather reporters seem as baffled as we are, and just as alarmed.

Mallov was ready to divulge a plan to utilize free energy via cold fusion.

[Edited on 6/1/2004 by Eleseme]

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 01:29 PM

Originally posted by MAV
Fireball Near Grover´s Mill, N.J.

Startled New Jersey residents tied-up the phone lines late this evening calling authorities to report a large orange fireball that passed over the town and apparently hit the ground several miles west of Grover´s MIll. No reports of fires or injuries from the area have been made, but locals expressed concern that the unknown phenomena had made a rumbling noise when it passed over that was strong enough to rattle windows and frighten pets.

"I thought a jet was coming down right in the street," said Betty Ocker, a housewife in Grover´s Mill, "it was loud, and I mean really loud."


Grovers Mill is the US location of Orson Wells Radio adaptation of War of the Worlds!

The Martians use artillery shell like projectiles to travel to Earth that enter the atmosphere 'like a fireball' and land like an asteroid.

Ha ha very funny.

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 01:45 PM
This message just arrived via email. Robert S. Harrington is most likely the astronomer/astrophysicist who was removed by the PTB. You can read aout him here, or do your own google search.

Chapter 1 ~ Scientific Support

A Scientist Warning About Planet X

James M. McCanney, on the subject of Planet X. I had never heard of him, but in listening I learned that he was a real scientist with real credentials saying that Planet X was real and that NASA has been aware of this for 30 years.

I studied McCanney's website and every radio show interview by him that I could find. I was happy to find that he provided answers for all the questions and doubts I had concerning Planet X, which we shall cover in this chapter. However, the goal of this chapter is not to prove scientifically that Planet X is real, but only to explain why NASA and others you would expect to warn you about it are not doing so, and what evidence we do have for its existence from NASA and other sources. In fact, if you take the time to look there is a lot of evidence available which I will only briefly summarize here. I want to address the main objections for believing in a Planet X threat and then move on to the important things that Scripture says for dealing with that threat which are not covered in other books.

Why is NASA Silent On PX?

NASA seems to be silent about Planet X. They certainly are not warning anyone to prepare for its passage. If you did not know any better you would conclude from this alone that Planet X is a hoax. However, the fact is that NASA was the first to announce the discovery of Planet X, back in 1980s as reported in the June 19, 1982 edition of the New York Times:
Something out there beyond the furthest reaches of the known solar system is tugging at Uranus and Neptune. A gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away and unseen, a large object, the long-sought Planet X. Astronomers are so certain of this planet's existence that they have already named it "Planet X - the 10th Planet."

Apparently the announcement of the discovery was a slip because within a week they retracted it and have been publicly silent ever since. Yet, there is sufficient evidence that they have had an internal project tracking PX as this NASA internal document records:

NASA ADS Astronomy Abstract Service

· Find Similar Abstracts (with default settings below)
· Also-Read Articles
· Translate Abstract
Title: Search for planet X
Authors: Harrington, Robert S.
Affiliation: Naval Observatory, Washington, DC.
Journal: In NASA, Washington, Reports of Planetary Astronomy, 1991 p. 53 (SEE N92-12792 03-89)
Publication Date: 10/1991
Category: Astronomy
Origin: STI
Bibliographic Code: 1991plas.rept...53H
The observation of the region of the sky in which it is believed Planet X should now be, based on perturbations observed in the motions of Uranus and Neptune, was determined, and there was no reason to update that determination. A limited area of that region was photographed, and that will be continued. A given area is photographed with the twin 20 cm astrograph in New Zealand on two successive nights near the time that area is in opposition, and these plates are blinked in Washington to identify anything that has moved. The predicted region is in the south, which requires observations from a southern station, and it is in opposition in the April to June period, which means observations have not yet started for the year. Blinking will be done as soon as the plates are received in Washington. -

If Planet X is really coming and NASA has been watching it for years, one would naturally want to know why they are not talking about it? James McCanney has dealt closely with NASA during his career and can explain why this is. He claims this is because NASA is under congressional order not to tell anybody if they discover a doomsday scenario coming-the same edict that restrains public officials from telling the public of an impending disaster and causing a panic. It has to go out through some official channel if it goes out at all. If this is true, then in light of NASA's demonstrated knowledge of PX, its more frightening that they have been silent about it than if they had continued to update the public since their initial discovery! This indicates to me that they know its passing will not be harmless like Comet Hale Bopp's was seven years ago (which follows a similar orbit and is thought by McCanney to have been part of Planet X's entourage at one time.)

Why Don't We See It?

If we accept that NASA knows about Planet X but will not tell us because of national security issues, what about the amateur astronomers and institutions of other countries who are not restricted in that way? Why are they not reporting Planet X? The problem, according to McCanney, is that PX's lack of brightness and position make it hard to see. Its current location makes it visible only in the Spring, rather than all year round. But even then you have to be on the right place on earth because of PX's skewed elliptical orbit. McCanney claims that it actually approaches our solar system from below the ecliptic (plane of the planets' orbits) meaning the best viewing is from the Southern Hemisphere which is mostly water and less densely populated. McCanney comments on this in writing about the above Harrington abstract:
In 1991 Robert S. Harrington, head of the Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C. wrote an internal Abstract which culminated over a decade of theoretical and observational astronomy with a team of experts. He was in charge of the NASA directed search for a large planet at the edge of our solar system that had been perturbing the orbits of the outer planets. Many previous attempts had been made, all leading to incorrect results ... but this time Harrington was certain that he had found the location of the large rogue planet. What is interesting is 1) NASA for decades had sponsored a search for this object with the highest level staff members available, 2) it was fully aware that something big was entering our solar system and 3) as you will see ... it seems that anyone associated with the results has been silenced either by death or by fear. A shroud of secrecy and deception surrounds this entire story.

Part of the discovery of Planet X was based on the fact the outer large planets Uranus and Neptune were being pulled DOWN in their orbits. No other effect could cause such a change in the orbits of these planets except the existence of a very large previously undiscovered celestial object which had to exist down and in the direction of the unexplainable motions of these outer giant planets. Harrington knew that it had to be BIG and it had to be down below the plane of the planets (the ecliptic). He also knew that since it had not been there before that it must be a new body entering the solar system.

Harrington wrote a brief abstract telling of his final trip scheduled to New Zealand in the Spring month of May to perform the blink photographic session with a 20 cm astrograph (approximately 8" aperture high precision camera). This seemed like what should be a routine observation and so sure was Harrington of the location of this object in the sky that he planned only two successive nights for the two required photos. These would be returned to Washington to determine the location and size of the new object.

An 8" camera in 1991 to 93 (the date that we believe Harrington made his final expedition ... NASA information is scarce) was not very large so we are not talking about professional grade equipment ... that is, this object was expected to be very large and Harrington knew it would be only visible during the month of May from a very southerly remote location on Earth. He chose New Zealand over the rugged uncharted regions of Patagonia in South America. -

So a big reason why PX is not obvious to the world already is because it is best viewed close to the South Pole-where there are fewer people and fewer observatories to find it. But even now as I write this in April, McCanney reports another problem. There is much haze in the atmosphere that makes viewing a diffuse, dim object like PX hard to do unless you are looking directly at it from a 90 degree angle (only possible from the South Pole itself). All this, in conjunction with the science establishment's coverup gives PX the conditions needed to sneak up on the majority of earth's inhabitants.

Even someone from NASA has admitted the possibility of being blindsided. David Morrison, Director of Space & Astrobiology at NASA's Ames Research Center has spoken before Congress on the threat of cosmic impacts. He writes:
It is possible for a comet to 'sneak up' on Earth, escaping detection until it is only a few weeks from impact. A perpetual survey is required to detect long-period comets, and even with such a survey we cannot be sure of success-Comets and Origin, P.254:
But even if the general population without big telescopes nor accessibility to the South Pole are not able to observe PX, Russia appears to have become convinced PX is real and a threat:
The following story was released on September 13th, 2000 by Andrei Shukshin of Reuters news service. "Russia's Parliamentary leaders and President Vladimir Putin agreed Wednesday to embark on a three-year crash course to thwart what they said was an anticipated chain of disasters due to hit the country in 2003. "(These are) issues of extraordinary importance, strategic issues which may degenerate into a serious threat for the existence,...I want to stress this-for the existence of Russia," former Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov told reporters." -

A group of scientists in Russia in the year 2000 held several meetings to discuss the inbound planet discovered from one of their largest observatories. This led to the infamous "2003 Problem" which the Reuters News Service wire reported on Sept. 13th 2000. The top government officials of Russia called for a commission to study the problem which was said to expect to cause "a string of calamities" and "a massive population shrinkage." They openly wondered whether Russia would still even exist as a country afterwards. Why? Because most of the old Soviet Union is fairly low-lying land, and the polar ice caps will melt during these next 2 years causing the new sea level to be around 700 feet above what it is now, and most of the old Soviet Union, including much of Russia, will be under water. -
Obviously the 2003 timing was inaccurate, but that has always been considered only "the earliest timeframe" that PX could arrive, not a date etched in stone.

What Evidence Is There?

In spite of NASA's coverup and difficulty of an observation, McCanney explains that there is quite a bit of evidence pointing to the existence and near passage of Planet X.
Perturbations in the orbits of the planets: As early as the mid-1800s scientists noticed the orbits of Neptune and Uranus not going exactly according to theoretical expectations. These deviations could not be explained by miscalculations in the masses of the planets, as the direction of the deviations was downward according to McCanney.
Solar Weather: McCanney says, "We're seeing the Sun at an excited level never before seen. There was a solar maximum in the year 2000 that would be the expected time for the Sun to reach the maximum of activity on its 11-year solar cycle, and after that it would be expected to diminish in energy over that 11-year span of time. We should be well on the way in the year 2003 to the solar minimum, but instead, the Sun is at an explosive state never before seen in the history of our solar system. My theoretical work shows how, in fact, the Sun is interacting with some large object that we have not seen yet -- NASA probably has seen it, but it is not telling us -- causing the dramatic solar flares that we're seeing."
Earth Weather: Earth weather has also been erratic in recent years. McCanney claims that this is directly a result of the increased solar activity which drives earth's weather according to his proven theories.
Many have been talking about increased earthquakes since the 1990s. Although I have not heard McCanney talk about this, one must wonder what is causing this change. There is a cause for every effect. Could it be Planet X causing this? We shall see later from Scripture that great earthquakes will be associated with PX's passing.

Because McCanney had not made an observation of Planet X, he refuses to speculate on the timing of PX. But in his own words, due to the scientific and historical evidence for Planet X, its passage is "not a question of if...but when."

What Will Happen When It Passes?

The odds of Planet X hitting us are remote. Unfortunately, an impact is not necessary to cause major problems. Because of the gravity and magnetism of PX it will be able to disrupt things on earth from a distance, just as it is allegedly already doing to the solar system. Here's what McCanney says:
The effects on the Earth are very clear, both from my theoretical work and from what the ancients describe. There are episodes of mountain building. There could be a pole shift caused by a gravitational tidal wave that moves through the surface mantle of the Earth. There would be flooding both from tidal waves of the oceans, tremendous atmospheric storms and also from a huge pollution influx of oil and water -- hydrocarbons and water -- from inner planetary space onto Earth. And all of these things have been seen in the past.

The Bible talks about, for example, when all the vermin, bugs, insects and snakes came out of the ground and overran the Earth. This was a direct result of the electric fields penetrating the mantle of the Earth and causing these creatures to leave the ground and come out of the ground. The atmospheric conditions include the increase in the number of volcanoes going off.

I want to mention that these planetary objects do not have to come necessarily that close to Earth to cause even dramatic Earth changes. Electrical discharges can occur between the planets even a distance apart. These, in fact, have been measured with NASA satellites where, in the 1990s, we saw incredible electrical discharges flow between Jupiter and Earth, taking out a number of our communication satellites. The scientists at that time were totally puzzled that outer space could do this. They still don't understand the very electrical nature of our solar system. My book explains, in fact, how this works in a theoretical sense, and it also explains in a practical sense the effects it would have on planet Earth. -
Hopefully the reader can see from what little we have covered of the secular side of Planet X that it demands further consideration, if not merely because it is a potential threat to your way of life. However, when we hear about dangers like this, we have to be careful to watch our reaction. Some choose to disbelieve and ignore things that they do not want to accept because they are so horrible. Sometimes we react to bad news not in disbelief of its reality, but in disbelief that we can do anything about it, also resulting in complacency. But if you have read this far, you are one of the lucky few to have heard about Planet X early enough to do something to prepare for it. Do not waste that knowledge. Keep reading and find out where Scripture talks about Planet X and what to do about it.

[Edited on 6/1/2004 by Eleseme]

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 05:08 PM
Aussie Bloke is a hoax. If you look at the BushCountry article, you will see that the story refers to fireballs in Grover's Mill, NJ. That is the town in War of the Worlds.

There is another thread somewhere that speculates that Aussie Bloke is actually an notorious troll who frequents science boards posing as a scientist.

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 06:06 PM
For a thorough debunking of Planet X theory, look here

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 07:25 PM
I noticed the reference to "Grovers Mill" as well and instantly my BS alarm went off.
However, as historical,prophetic, geographic, even mythological remnants of the above mentioned indicate, something should be expected as the procession of the equinox every 23,000 years reaches the halfway point of 11,500 years, it seems, civilisation collapses, and starts over again with only mythological memories of a past great civilisation. It could very well be that we are victims of galactic/ solar system cycles....I am keeping my eyes to the sky .

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 08:00 PM
Boy, I knew I recognized Grovers Mill from somewhere.

I've got some issues with this whole ordeal. A few of them with the ordeal itself, a few of them with contradictions it has with other ordeals.

First off, there is this big event that is going to slam into the earth and whatnot pretty soon. I am reading this correct am I not? Okay, so, doesn't this contradict all the plans the "aliens" have for world domination? I bet this whole ordeal really rains on thier parade. I mean, seriously, all that work to control governments, mate and mutate and creat hybird humans, set up a New World Order, all of that down the drain due to comet trails, cosmic debirs, and an impact of an anomaly. I bet, if the "aliens" really have a vested interest in taking over they will somehow divert this incoming calamity. That is, if you believe all the hype about thier secret takeover plans and they really are here to begin with.

Second, this thing is supposed to hit us later this month, right? No amateur astronomers can see it yet. So, that would mean it is out of the view of normal generic jabroni telescopes? Oh wait, that's right, it's hidden in a cloud of dust. I find it hard to believe that this cloud would not block the sight line of something else behind it that someone would have picked up on yet. But that's right, it's to far away for us normal people to see with our normal telescopes. But yet it's going to hit us this month. Hrm, that would mean this thing is really hauling *** wouldn't it? I mean, a reverse calculation of the distance from earth to the limit of a deceipherable view point where a normal telescope wouldn't be able to see is pretty far. Divide that distance by the amount of time until this impact is supposed to take place and it equals pretty freaking fast. I don't remember reading anything about how fast this thing is moving, and this sort of speed would have been noted as a significant reason for why information about it is easily contained.

Third, stuff about this ordeal would be all over the place by now. There are WAY to many people would have information about it for it not to have leaked out. The amount of people that would have to be killed is enourmous and uncontainable.

Fourth, why is this guy so bitter to not spell it ouf for everyone? I mean, was he picked on growing up so he wants to spite everyone not as smart as him? He says the answers are in front of our faces and we are just to stupid to figure them out? Give me a break. There are a lot of smart, and I mean really smart, people who read this board. No one has been able to really "figure out" all the "clues" this guy has.

Fifth, if nothing happens one of two things is true. One, there was no ordeal to begin with. Two, aliens are real and they prevented the impact.

Sixth, if the impact happens we know no aliens exist here on Earth, so at least we can take one positive from this in being able to answer that conundrum.

The Big O

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 10:42 PM
Does anyone remember that news story was given out about the astoroid that came close to the earth? Do you all remember what date that was released to the public?

Could that have been the anouncement that was to be?

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 10:46 PM

Originally posted by harrisjohns
For a thorough debunking of Planet X theory, look here

What references? Many claims, without any reference to back them up. Not in my opinion a reliable source of debunk. Looks to me like a very poor attempt at disinformation. Just mho.

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 10:49 PM
well an asteroid can be destroyed eassily with a few Titans.....if it is a cataclysmic size i suggest a few nukes

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 09:29 AM
I hope this is not what AB is referring to. I know this sites topic is PlanetX, but check out these photos of the sun. Dust, another celestial body in front of the sun, etc.

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 11:32 AM

I found this after reading the thread at:

What is going on?!?

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 12:14 PM
The best bad astronomy site out there: Bad
Be sure to check out their bulletin board.

Guys, if there was stuff coming right at us, every amateur astronomer out there would be trying to get the word out. Eventually, someday, the Earth will get hit by a decent size piece of junk that will do some serious damage. Fortunately for us, it won't happen 3 weeks from now.

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