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Dreams share them...

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posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 04:27 AM
So I dont know if this is the exact forum but i'll post my new topic here.
I have a very active mind XD so I would like to share my dreams with others, exchange information and etc...
You can share your weird dreams too.

This is the first one I remember-

in this dream i was with my friends in the street near a lake then i saw an UFO (days later i i saw the same UFO in a video) so i ran with my friends after the UFO so the driver of that UFO knew we were chasing them, they stopped and landed suddenly my friends disappeared (just got one friend standing next to me i don't remember who) then the alien talked to me or something i don't remember what he said cause it was long ago but i saw the spaceship opening and it was such a complex machine the alien didn't hurt me but i got scared and i started to run and the alien ran after me, he was black with shinny spots.

2º- Well another strange dream (that in not going to tell full detail) was me waking up (in the dream) going to work (everything normal I could feel my body etc) I experienced an entire day to then going to sleep and when i wake up I suddenly find out i was dreaming a whole day of my life xD kinda hard to explain and awkward.

3º-one night I was alone at my place and i went to sleep at 11 pm.
In my dream it was 11 pm, the same day and I was alone so i thought it was real because it felt so real... then when i was sitting in the living room i saw something in the kitchen window it was an ufo and aliens were getting out, I freaked out because i felt like they wanted me to get in the ufo so they could study me and i said no i don't wanna look at you neither get in the ufo im not ready to see you (i was really scared) then the aliens realized i wasn't ready so they never showed their faces (only feet and legs that were Grey and skinny, typical alien) so they though they could steal my cat and i was screaming go away and i was always trying to save my cat xD
When i woke up i was like omg i made contact and i looked at myself in the mirror to see if i had something to prove the encounter...later i realized it was just a dream.
(in the dream the aliens never talked but i knew what they wanted and sometimes what they were thinking).

4º- A couple of months ago I dreamt that me and my friends were traveling and my sister told me;
''-Look I have a surprise for you, they are new in town like you maybe they can join you,`
I said okay who are they?
Later she said oh they are aliens from Mars.
I was surprised and a little scared.
(They were caramel skin color, big black eyes, 1.50 something meters tall maybe and they had a big head and oval form in the jaw area). in the dream a group of aliens were trying to hurt us me my friends and the other aliens (the good ones) were running away, suddenly I don't know in my dream i stopped running and went to slide ( we were in a slide park in the beach, really odd) all the aliens disappeared and i didn't care... huh then a tsunami happened ... im not telling the rest because the dream was really long ( the aliens none of them would talk but we always knew what they wanted)

yeah pretty stupid dreams anyway what are yours? don't make it a serious thread I want to laugh at others stories

edit:uh I have so many fisheraliens I don't understand avatars yet
Btw sorry for the bad spelling and grammar but I practically learned english by myself where I studied the english teachers s'ck.

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