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Calling CERN Scientists

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posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 03:03 AM
This thread is dedicated to the CERN Scientists. It is my hope that as this thread develops we will see employees of CERN share there experiences with us on a daily basis. In these days of fear, it is my hope that there accomplishes can be made known to the public, especially the Above Top Secret Network which thirsts for knowledge. If you do not already know the LHC has been fully repaired, "All repairs in Sector 3-4, the sector damaged during the incident last September, have been completed and the sector has been closed up"

You can follow its progress here:

The link above is known as the Bulletin.

I want to make public that CERN is not just run my robots; these people are brilliant. They even do features on their scientists, take a look for yourself:

It would be a real treat if we could hear from these people directly, we could pose questions and responses to their posts and create a dialogue that would enrich both our lives and theirs.

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