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Alien Crop Circles

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posted on Jul, 3 2009 @ 01:26 AM
I didnt really think this belonged in the Alien and UFO forum.

I dont know what the deal is with these "Aliens". People claim them to be some kind of all knowing super advanced creatures. They make these stupidly hard puzzle crop circles instead of just telling us. I would not think that is smart. If they dont know how to properly communicate with us, how smart can they be? They couldnt just walk up and be like "Yo. This is whats goin down, and this is when its it goin, and this is how you should prepare for it goin down". That would just be too simple. Stupid aliens. They could atleast draw a more simple picture. I could draw a meatiore hitting earth, with a date above it. And people would get it right away. And what if the aliens were wrong? Would if the Mayans were wrong? People would be so angry.



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