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Brookings Publication mentions possibility of "Horrific Provocation" to Trig

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posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 07:01 AM

In a recent policy paper published by the influential Brookings Institute, the authors propose almost anything to guarantee dominance of Persia by the new world order, including bribery, lying, cheating and mass murdering by an all-out military assault of Iran. The paper ‘Which path to Persia: Options for a New American Strategy toward Iran’ is just one of many recent and not so recent examples of the firm intent of the globalists to engage Iran militarily and acquire its natural resources in the same effort.

The group of authors- a cozy little convergence of globalists- contemplate four separate options on ‘how to deal with Iran’ in the cold bureaucratic language that poses as scientific but is really nothing more than the intelligent musings of a calculating psychopath. The first option, ‘Dissuading Tehran’ through diplomatic means is being discussed as something tried, tested and discarded. The second option, ‘Disarming Tehran’ covers several ways of rallying the ‘international community’ around the globalists’ intentions. In the third part, ‘Toppling Tehran’ the warmongering increases as the writers contemplate both covert and overt military action against the Islamic republic of Iran. In the fourth and last section, ‘Deterring Tehran’ the option of ‘containment’ is elaborated upon. The proposed final strategy predictably involves all of the above mentioned options, in roughly the same order of appearance.

The above link has some words cut off from the article so it is actually easier to read the printer version which can be found here.

Apparently this is the plan, and it could be why the Obama administration is in favour of the protesters in Iran, meanwhile they are against the courts, and military having deposed the Honduran Marxist president.

I wonder exactly what they would do. Israel is against the clock before the Iranian regime gets their hands on nuclear weapons, and they "might" attack Iran before this happens. Will the Obama administration wait until Israel attacks Iran and then step in? Will they coordinate an attack with Israel? Who knows, but as we can see the current administration in this issue is acting the same way as the previous administration. The only difference is the current administration is converting the U.S. Republic into a Socialist Dictatorship.


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