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Global Citizens vs Cheap Laborers

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posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 04:48 PM
This is where the powers that be are taking us. It's sad because Bush and now Obama have ruined America's chances of being a player in this new global economy.

American people are partly to blame to. They kept crying about jobs but in a global economy with cheap labor it's not about jobs, it's about consumption.

Obama wants to takes us back to a big government, 1970 styled, unionized economy based on jobs and that will destroy this country.

China has figured that out and they are putting in measures to turn there billion plus people into consumers. They can then trade with the global economy and Americans will have there worthless jobs that they keep crying about.

The smart thing to do is to build a business or switch to a job in the service sector. We can't have a big behemoth in Washington D.C. in a global economy with cheap labor.

China will drop America like a bad habit as they swittch from a producer based economy to a consumer based economy. America will be a wasteland of cheap labor except for those who own businesses and trade their goods or services on the global market.

I have been studying this trend and China knows that a consumer based nation is the way to go. America is buried in debt and Obama wants a producer based nation which spells doom for this country.

posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 05:09 PM
You got to buy American or Nothing at all ... otherwise, well ... well what you see all around you. when you can build and ship your crap into another nation cheaper than it can be made locally, you have contraciton in manufacturering ... dollar for 10 dollar... so for every dollar in chinese crap you have purchased - minus 10 from you earning potential... whom ever openend this Free Trade Crap is a traitor... and that leaves me in the dark all alone... because I saw this coming... I screamed at the top of my lungs.... and no one listenend ... the green was talking .... just like in stocks... they zoom and then crash when you least expect it... it cant possibly crash... next qtr... off a cliff... ok... well, if you look at the monthly scholastic on the S&P you will see ... we are cresting... now we havn't crossed the majic number of 68 so it is possible we stick up here for as long as the Fed wants us too... its their dime .... we could even go to 15,000 and then Crash ... all the scenario's ends in a Crash... even the one in which we do all the right things... the only cure ... is a cleansing ...

posted on Jun, 29 2009 @ 05:29 PM
I still propose that abundance is the answer...

I have a thread here: that discusses the solution I see.

(Also, my book, offered freely and linked in my sig, gives a good picture of what it would look like...)

We are in a unique point in our history where we can cast off slavery (wage or direct) to our machines, and properly distribute the abundance of our planet, leaving all of us to live richly - without money.

Have a look. [smile]

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