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You Have All Been Trained Like A Slave Was #)) Years Age

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posted on Jun, 26 2009 @ 10:43 AM
I didnt know how to start this thread but i want ot get this out cause i am racking my brain. I have been reading a GREAT BOOK CALLED " MAKING OF A SLAVE " willie lynch letters and it talks about how they trained slaves back in the day. They seperated them but every catagory possible. And after that book it got me to thinking. We do that now, to ourselves every day and it starts at birth. If you go to any highschool today it doesnt matter what country what state, tell me how the lunch room is set up........ Blacks in one area jocks in another nerds at a table loners at a table latins and asians and sport teams at another ths list goes in every direction but they all seperate themselves in "there groups" However, in class why do they not sit in those groups?...
I have strong feeling aginst the N word weither it be with a ga or er at the end. that old BS response that its a way we use it is stupid.. Yea STUPID.. when is the black comunity gona realize the longer that word is accepted the longer the disrespect will continue? My brother uses it around his white friends i hear the musiv uses it and my non white frineds use it but they dont get it. we are so worried about freedoms.. dont tak my guns dont listen to my phone calls , dont take that money, but when they pass the bill what do we do nothing.. Like a slave.. But good forbid they get rid of that word.. thats freedom of speech.. they already doing it wake up SLAVES!!
that word that carries history regardless of the ending. Kids these day dont understand the meaning and the time period. they never will cause we sugar coat it with ga and its our way to deal with it or what ever that excuse is but ITS THERE WAY ... people still call ther friends and themselves that and some use it to be mean with the er and everyone knows it means the same thing!!!!!. People please... over the past year or so i have been unplugged and my brain hasnt stopped craving for more info but this book is the one that i need to share cause it is exactly how we treat ourselves.. i used the n word cause everyone knows aboutand its an easy example.

we seperate eachother based on every social scale possible Why? because we are trained to. If everyone would, everyday find one thing they know they judge people thats based on there being,(color talk, appearence, reglion..etc..) and not do it for that day we can start the movement. This isnt change I am not going B.O on you.. we are billion of being that cant seem to realize we are trained to seperate ourselves from one another for the system. I am better because ..... and some times its money, money, money, money... what better way to have people to do things for nothing then to make up a system that a they control have us value the paper they make and we fight over it.
-Now the slaves cant run off - cause we need the money
- The smarter one get more money- we can create school the charge large sums of money
- to ensure they want to pay us to get a skill well make college a bonus for job interviews
I could go on and on but you people here are too smart you get the picture. what do you think and what could we ?

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posted on Jun, 26 2009 @ 10:56 AM
i dont think we're trained to separate ourselves into cliques because we are trained to. people (in general) naturally want to be near those who are like them, and dissociate with those that are different. the easiest way of telling who is like them and who is different is by outside appearances. thats why different cliques have different styles. people can transcend the categories if they want to. they just have to move out of their comfort zone.


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