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Depart Out Now

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posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 07:33 AM
Ok, I thought I would journal this, and see what others would do who believe in dreams and receiving alternate forms of communication.

Recap. I suspect some kind of 2012 event. I am in the middle of getting my things sold and packed and my truck fixed up, and heading off to live in some higher place in another part of the Country thousands of miles away. I love living near the ocean and I am kind of dragging my heals I have been kind of unsure about this, and taking my time, thinking, say I do this in a year if the signs increase.

So I have a set of dreams, where there are a few sub plots of a personal nature, but the end of that dream had to be no coincidence.

I am driving along, and I have a passenger in the seat of the car. As I drive by a parking lot I think I could cut through here to save time, and then it is like, no, ok , go ahead and park in the lot.

So I get out of the car, and now the person with my jumps out. A man in his 50's say, dressed kind of British or dapper at least, nice personality. Kind of reminded me of Benjamin Creme in a way, in thinking about it.

Anyway, we are heading somewhere, and I got to grab my favorite chair, I have some recording to do, and I need a chair where I am going. He says, I really want to take the inside safe route, and then I know he means like say a building tramway that goes between the buildings,, but I see none around, but he said, drag the chair along if you want, but this is my preferred route of destination. This is more of a persistent thought I got in my dream. So in other words we are not driving, we are taking the inside route he feels comfortable with. ( I am thinking that this refers to me driving to my destination, or say taking a plane where i can bring less, but it might be quicker and I can start over).

So I decided I got a chair where I am going, and the next thing I know we walk out on top of a building. It is sort of when I was in London, or say you are at the top of Empire State building, and you are the highest point of land and you can see for miles and miles.

So then I realize he is a radio host CBC style, and he sits down, and says, "This is the main man here in this radio station, you are listening to "DEPART OUT NOW", so sit down and stay tuned for "DEPART OUT NOW" right here on this station, in a nice friendly voice. So his radio personality was the name "DEPART OUT NOW".

I just felt a sense of trust from him, he was not alarmed, but insistent idea, and sort of very assured. I think it might be a representation of my higher self or another entity who is giving me a gentle push, and the dream ended there and I woke up.

I dunno, but all the sudden I feel the need to dump everything and head for higher ground, because I think maybe I am dilly dallying too much here, and that maybe I am planning on driving as where that is the wrong approach, and should just get the hell out, go to the plane and not drive.

What do the dream analysis people think of this?

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posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 07:43 AM
I'm no dream analyst but yesterday i woke up and i can't remember anything but someone/thing saying 'yes but you've got to give them a chance to wake up and get out'. They seemed to be talking about the Earth/life/our reality. i can't remember anything else even though i know there was more information departed, I was hoping for an update last night but nothing. the only other thing I've experienced like this was when i heard a voice say 'It's time now' just after I went to bed - i wasn't asleep but maybe just dozing off but that really woke me up. i put it down to the fact I was almost asleep and was just my brain but after yesterday i wonder more and more.

Of course it could just be my mind sorting out all the info i digest on a daily basis.
Still I am convinced that there is more to this and that as humans we have more power over reality than we could believe possible. I am hoping Quantum physics will move on and we may start to discover our real capabilities or it leads us to new science/s that do. Perhaps a 'reawakening' of long dormant knowledge/powers that the ancients seemed to have more knowledge of than we do now.

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