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Justice Dept. asks judge to drop Obama from suit filed by Geronimo’s heirs

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posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 12:37 PM
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The suit, which names President Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates along with Yale University and the secretive Order of the Skull & Bones fraternity, aims to have Geronimo’s physical remains and personal effects transported from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to southern New Mexico for a proper tribal burial.

I have a feeling that this suit will be dumped some where along the way to be hear, I remember awhile ago another suit exposing the remains of Geronimo to the public for the first time but the powers that be were able to burry the story never really getting the attention it deserves. I do hope they make some head way in this attempt to get the remains back and that the story gets some attention in the public.

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