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Survival Guides, anybody?

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posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 02:05 AM
I admit that im not much of an expert on what to do when TSHTF, so i've been doing some research into all-and-what-not, and i recently came across some survival guides on scribd. I merely did a search for survival therein:

I've just added my search link, so there is a bit of sifting involved for these documents...

I'd like to know, from the more knowledgeable ATSers out there what they think of these guides, and also if there are any links to sites/documents with better info, tips and tricks.

Feel free to post any links that you have come across in your wanderings, that everyone may benefit!


posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 02:20 AM
I have downloaded almost every document from scribd. Excellent site.

Now, a list that I would recommend:

"The Official Urban and Wilderness Emergency Survival Guide"- Robert Pelton
"Strategic Relocation"- Joel Skousen
Ragnar Benson is a great author that covers many areas.
Military Survival Guides.

Search for first aid booklets and natural medicine.
Search for alternative energy booklets.
Search for water purification methods and guides. I suggest if you buy a water purification kit, the Berkley kit is the best.. it costs a little, but it is worth it. I believe someone has already mentioned that in another thread here. I will look for it and post a link.

Hope some of this helps.

I might add.. it's fine to download but make sure you have hard copies when needed. That could be any day...

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 02:29 AM
Here is a great thread from a fellow ATS member with links to survival information from all aspects:

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 02:29 AM
That "SAS Survival Guide" looks much like the one I use. Mine is written by John Wiseman though.
Been reading it from back to back a hundered times. I use to put it where I more or less will have to read it; on the nightstand, in the bathroom, on the livingroom table...picking it up, reading a chapter or segment here and there...
A good book on general survival, but one should have another that is specific for one's region of habitat also, I would recommend the one that belongs to your local military unit (national).

Don't forget to practice what you read though; just sitting in your sofa and thinking you are the master of the wilderness gets you nowhere.
Bring your book with you when you go outside, build shelters, eat wild plants and such to determine their levels of nuitrition and taste, learn to navigate by the stars and so on...
And don't forget to repeat, repeat and repeat. In the end, only a good routine will save you...

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 03:08 AM
I'm hailing from South Africa, and our military is not very forthcoming with the public release of documentation...

That aside, my list of documentation from Scribd is as such:

Desert survival Awareness - THe Maricopa County Emergency management department

FM 21-76 Survival guide - U.S. Military mayhap?

Growing up in africa, one tends to spend much time in the out-doors, and thus i've collected some very informative books which are specific to this region. One in particular is People's Plants, A guide to useful plants in Southern Africa, by Ben-Erik van Wyk and Nigel Gericke. It has listings of plants that can be used for food, treatment of various afflictions, building of shelters and traps, and so on. Very useful...

Agreed with all though, practice truly is what makes one prepared for the worst-case scenario, and having a workable bug-out plan set up, and tied out before-hand.


posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 05:39 AM
reply to post by Havoc40k

The secret to surving is not just about reading the survival books and manuals but applying a lot of common sense along with a heavy dose of gut instinct.

By the time the authorities officially declare an 'emergency' and this may not be the real story, just one to keep the sheeple from panicking, its too late for most people to escape the clutches they have over you. Those caught up in the effected area(s) will be kept in the dark until the authorities have the man power and resources in place to carry out a complete 'lock-down'.

In many scenarios (but not all) mass round-ups of the population in and a round the 'effected' area(s) will be carried out with Martial Law & Curfews being imposed to prevent people fleeing beyond the control of the authorities.

Being able to bug-out at the right time and finding a new, safe location to hide out is your first, and most important step towards surving a (SHTF scenario)..

Generally, you avoid all contact with the sheeple, they will tend to congregate in and around just a few areas such as (Churches, Hospitals and large residential areas etc) making them ripe for easy capture and control.

Remember, some (SHTF Scenarios) wont happen over-night, they may take many months to unfold and wont become apparent until the last possible moment, when you *least* expect it!. My gut feeling right now, tells me its time to say farewell to the UK and seek a quiter life somewhere else, hence my air ticket already bought, just waiting for the departure date now.


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