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Are UFO’s physical craft?

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 09:57 PM
There are over 700,000 sightings are reported and increasing daily. Something is certainly happening! After scrutinizing 25,000 or more of the valid reports we are left with at least3,000 unexplained sightings(probably many more). There are hundreds of sightings reported from all over the world each week.1,000 claim to be of the 3rd kind, direct contact in some fashion. 14% of the U.S, population claims to have seen them physically not just in dreams or visions.

There is physical evidence that they exist from radar tracking, to still pictures, to movies, as well as those claiming abduction. UFOs go through the sound barrier without making a sound. They often travel at speeds of 5-10,000 MPH yet there are no sonic booms, which normally come from physical objects travelling over speeds of 700 MPH. So they do not seem to be affecting the atmosphere they are travelling through, yet sometimes people do hear a small swishing sound when they are near. Reports of strategic air commands spot them at mach 7. They can make sharp right angle turns at these tremendous speeds violating the laws of physics. They defy G force and make stops immediately which is impossible to do and survive the inertia. The tracking stations see them often and many times jets are sent out to track down what appears on the radar. However you can see a UFO with your eyes and go to photograph it and it will not show up on film. Other times you may not see anything take a picture and it shows up. Real objects do not behave like this. What looks to us as physical vehicles may in fact be life forms we do not understand. Consider Ezekiels wheels(Ezek.1) that so many have dubbed a UFO. Yet if one reads on they find it to be a Cherub, a certain type of angel being described.(Ezek.1:14-15, 10:10-15)
The objects can change shape size and colour at random. They can seem to split in 4 and then reassemble. They disappear and reappear. If they are real, they are not physical at least in the way we understand it. They are of a spiritual nature almost like they are a living protoplasm. If they are multi dimensional it may explain how they can defy the laws of physics. Yet there are some reports that have them leaving physical evidence of impressions such as weighted vehicle on the ground as well as burn marks. Many have taken pictures of craft thousands of miles apart from each other and years apart and found them to be the same craft.

As of to day their has been no UFO communication between crafts intercepted .The only communication has been by thought by what is called channeling and automatic writing. What they call transmissions. These messages are identical to ones the mediums and spiritists have been getting for centuries, just a bit more with technological slant. And why not since our culture has changed, they need to also.

Benjamen Creme who is involved with this phenomenon as contactee states…"The UFO’s are made of etheric matter now if you have etheric vision you can see them and forthly when they are seen they simply lower the vibrational rate of the etheric matter until they come within our range of vision.its a temporary manifestation and when they raise it again they appear to disappear. They are still there but they have disappeared from our range of vision." "(Art Bell program Coast to Coast July 10, 1998)

The majority believes there is a coverup or misinformation being handed out publicly. A cosmic watergate. Some scientists say there is some altered or parallel dimension beyond our physical sight for these crafts to be able to maneuver like they do. Assumptions are that they are interplanetary or intergalactic visitors. The late Allen Hynek a professor of astronomy had one of the greatest reputations for investigation was involved in the NASA space program. He became involved in project Blue Book as a skeptic but soon became a believer that something actually is happening. He found the governments approach to investigation lacking in scientific credibility. While he denied they came from other planets he did speculate they were extra dimensional. They came from a "parallel reality." He concluded, "I suspect that a very advanced civilization might know something about the connections between mind and matter that we don’t."

The truth is UFO’s are not extraterrestrial but originate from an invisible realm. They have been with us through out history but have assumed different disguises in accordance to the culture. They operate in both the physical and spiritual most often from the later.

The world is looking for a technological savior, the new age movement is looking for spirit beings to land. Could we have a space age messiah? The UFO’s speak of a new world order and that the United nations has an important role . The United Nations was formally set up in 1948 it was around this time that they started to make their appearance known. It was also at this time Israel land was given to the Jews fulfilling bible prophecy.Is it coincidence, or Gods timetable?

Almost all the pagan and occult religions talk about the Gods coming down from the stars or contact by other means. The new age teaches that these space brothers have their home at Orion, Pleaides, Andromedia or Arcturus, and Sirius star systems. All of these stars have great significance in their spiritual structure. Some have even stated the star of Bethlehem was a UFO as well as the Mt. Sinai experience of Moses. Enoch was an astronaut. Just about anything supernatural is connected to UFO’s and the ascended masters. They point to the biblical prophet Joel who wrote that God would "show wonders in the heavens." "and fire will fall from heaven" (Rev. 13:13). This is true but not all is given in a positive light.

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 06:48 AM
Excellent thoughts and ideas! Very interesting view you have. You actually convinced me that the craft are interdimensional from your "no sonic boom" theory. I myself have often wondered if the craft aren't physical or just energy that travels time with physical occupants. I knw that makes no sense, but then again neither do ufo's. The points and views you bring into question are quite good and worth discussing at great length.


posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 07:15 AM
Great post. S + F.

I can't see what they can't be something other than physical craft. You see it all the time with the subject of ghosts and the paranormal.

Who's to say it's just human-like figures that be visible through different dimensions?

Very interesting thought.


posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 08:15 AM
OP.... This is a great post and obviously took some thinking time.... It is possoble that when we die we move over to this other plane somewhere in the universe and then come back in these UFO crafts and yes i would agree that these craft are physical but obviously have some kind of cloak device which keeps them hidden from view for long periods.... i wonder where they get their energy from to be able to fly and hover over vast amounts of area....

I, myself have never seen one but am open-minded enough to believe that there is/are things out there which are unexplained.... i have however experienced some strange phenomena in my life since 2000 and i'll post about it on the relevant topic when i'm able to post!

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