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Out-of-bounds skiier dies brings Search-Rescue resources to question in B.C.

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 09:37 PM
Months ago there was a NEWS story headlining about a couple who set out skiing around Valentine's Day. The couple decided to ski off limits, knowingly, and got caught way out of their resorts boundaries. The result was the wife died of hypothermia and the husband having been rescued after 9 days in temperatures down to -15 Celsius or 5 degrees Fahrenheit. There was a few details that makes this story extraordinary Is the Search and Rescue team of the area detected a signal more than once and had a fly by in the duration. Being search and rescue are not part of our provincial jurisdiction as an essential service and the funding for insurance is sporadic at best for insuring liabilities that could transpire during a s&r procedures.

The S&R crew are not dispatched and get no reports unless they come dispatched from the R.C.M.Police departments dispatch system. The proceeding on goings of this occurrence are a lawsuit of the out-of-bounds perpetrator launching a lawsuit against the local S&R resource crew. Thus bringing a review on about 60 separate s&r futures across the province. If the lawsuit turns to the favour of the skier the head of the Search and Rescue could be at fault decided by the judge, thus could lose his home and such.

Provided a link... to this news story link.

and the latter proceedings here...Search and Rescue resources at risk over recent proceedings.

I would tend to think that there are more S&R groups out there with the possibility of suffering a similar compromise.

IMO if you decide to put your life at stake, at the signs statement of risk and 'DO NOT CROSS this line' They aren't guidelines for the resorts, more like lines of jurisdiction and risking your own fate.
Any thoughts or articulations?

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