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Federal Activity And Free Speech Suppression On A Rise?

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posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 03:42 PM
With the seemingly unfolding events of our economic recession/depression, the swine flu and everything else that seems to be an attempted effort to subdue those who won't be subdued, I am led to believe that events are increasing and the speed of them increasing is escalating.

I have been listening to many sources of MSM, I admit my main source is the internet and the radio with its stations like NPR and the RBN. I do take into account that the RBN is all doom and gloom but some of the stories, whether happy or not, are realistic. Like this one:
Worth a read

Anyway with all the evidence amply supplied here on ATS and elsewhere that leads your minds to believe that we are now entering into a submit or fight era, more has been stacked upon that for me personally. A acquaintance of mine is now scheduled to appear in Federal Court for having .22 caliber bullets in his ears as earrings. He was pulled over while driving and had them in. He is a felon and I do agree that he should have not had them as felons cannot have weapons or ammo, according to the law. But seriously he is now facing federal charges for this crime. There are other events leading me to believe some more of my friends and acquaintances are being monitored more than I would care to believe, which I will not elaborate on for personal reasons.

From that and other events I cannot help but honestly wonder if or how much I am being monitored. If there really are agents of the NWO, FBI, NSA or whatever actually viewing this forum and others of potential interest, what makes someone likely to be monitored? Is it really only the crazies that are considered a threat or is it the intelligent and somewhat skeptical and logical individuals that are considered a realistic threat. I am sure those that are in groups and think the same, as we do on ATS or those that have organizing capabilities are bigger threats.

Anyway this acquaintance had a Federal Agent show up to his house and give him the info for his court date and such. So in essence my question is this.

If there is federal agents questioning those that I know and my friends, who are logical but aware to what is happening, which there are, for little and quite ridiculous things, is there a real unseen reason this is happening. Basically and logically the events of federal agents prosecuting someone for small reasons leads me to believe that those little reasons might not be the real reasons they are in the federal eye. Perhaps those little things are used as a motive to hide bigger agendas?

Anyway who knows but day by day I grow more paranoid. No one thinks it will happen to them and no one believes it until it does happen to them, which it has for my friend, which has opened my eyes to the very real possibility we are all being entirely monitored but take it lightly.

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posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 04:09 PM
Well I know audits are up like crazy. I was audited the last two years and I know 7 people that have been audited this year. I expect the IRS to suck the blood out of many Americans this year and in the next coming years. All I can say is keep it up guys because You need to cause more pain so people can see You for what You really are a bunch of blood thirsty crooks.


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