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GPs 'may not work amid pandemic'

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posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 02:10 AM

Some GPs may refuse to work if the swine flu pandemic spreads throughout the UK, union leaders have warned.

The British Medical Association said family doctors were worried about being sued over the care they provided and a lack of death-in-service cover.

The BMA said doctors would be "putting their lives on the line" and needed assurances they were properly covered.


As long as they take the government issued vaccines and prescribe each other Tamiflu and wear the NHS facial masks they should have nothing to worry about.

Unless of course they know something about all these pills and vaccines that we don't!

I thought yuo became a doctor to help people through any and all sickness. I thought it was a job where you were deeply committed to the health of fellow humans, just as vets are to animals.

The warning comes as details emerge about a swine flu patient who has died in Scotland, becoming the first fatality in the UK linked to the virus.

So one person in the UK dies and all the GP's panic... What will happen when we start to see people dropping dead left, right and centre!!

Will we see GP's running off of cliffs like lemmings, filled with the fear of catching this virus? Will they deem it the easy way out?

Putting their lives on the line???? We all do that every day of our lives in many ways. From walking down the street, crossing the road, driving, flying, sports, pushing a plug in a socket, mixing and interacting with others socially, walking home too drunk after a night out, standing up against tyranny in an oppressed system!
What is wrong with these doctors? Is the tax payer not buying enough cotton wool to keep them wrapped up in and safe from harm?

Nostradamus did not fear the Black Death, but some little flu comes along and begins to knock off a few people and doctors run for the hills.

And just what might happen if all the hospital doctors die from flu? Who is going to be educated enough, to be called a doctor, who would help those who ask for help?

"Our fear is that later on people may sue us."

There's the reality of it all... has nothing to do with providing health care, advice or help when it is needed.

Heck, think I should sue them now for being afraid to do the job they're trained for.

You don't take your car to a mechanic to be told he can't fix your car in case he gets dirty or strains a muscle trying to undo a nut and bolt.

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 02:24 AM
This really makes me laugh ......

They didn't stop when bird flu was rampant and a so called "pandemic".
And at present, they certainly dont stop with the common flu. Why is this any different?


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