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"Christian's" Demon Aliens vs real Aliens and their motives

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 02:12 PM
Religion is MAN's attempt to explain the supernatural. Man is not perfect and people interpret the same signs differently, the result is conflict. I don't think anyone can argue with the fact that people’s interpretation of religion, more so than anything else, has been used to control/influence the masses. I would not be surprised if some of it was also an attempt to keep us afraid of seeking truth for ourselves. Knowledge is power.

Instead of focusing on the fact there is a higher power, we are caught up in who's version/labels are correct. No one needs to tell you what love or evil feels like, when you experience it you know. How can a Christian tell a Muslim that the "power" they feel is not the same (or vice versa) and extend that include UFO/ETs. People of all religions, as well as non religious people, have felt "the love" and "the darkness".

I know I didn't answer the OP’s questions. To echo previous posters, I believe it's to mislead.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:17 PM

Originally posted by helen670
reply to post by tinfoilman

Hi tin/

The Bible does NOT talk about U.F.O's?
This has been brainWASHED into us by the MEDIA!
by the MOVIES that Hollywood(not so holy!)has portrayed them to be.
We have nice Aliens and bad one's....All done in a way to CONFUSE us.

Angels were created by God.
when Lucifer rebelled against God, he was not welcome in Heaven any longer...WELL, he lost the war!
Lucifer chose to leave and with him he took angels that later became known to us as FALLEN ANGELS.
These fallen Angels(messengers)are DEMONS....but do the Work of the Devil and not God anymore.
As soon as God created man,the Devil could'nt WAIT to deceive man...and He did.
The Devil hates God for creating man and so he keeps himself and his demons busy by doing all sorts of DECEPTIONS/tricks/illusions/LIES etc...

.....Witness accounts of contactees(those that have come in contact with aliens) have NEVER been GOOD.
So, what does this tell you?


It talks about them or something like them, but it doesn't really describe them the way we would today so I don't know if it's talking about the same thing that people are seeing today. But you see UFO type things in many Christian art works and it describes things like UFOs in the Bible, but I'm just saying we just don't know enough yet I think to judge the aliens as good or bad. All I'm saying is I don't like what I've heard so far. It would be best to ask someone who's actually seen them what they think their intentions are in my opinion.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:23 PM

Originally posted by Nightchild

Originally posted by Just Cause

Originally posted by AgentX09
Well as iv'e come to believe theres evil alien races and benevolent.The positive and negative.

understood but any standard christian that believes the bible word for word will tell you that any alien or anything not from this earth is a demon. That's why I am asking them to justify thier answer here.

Lemme throw another one at you. What if a friendly alien race just stated, "we were here 2,000 years ago and Jesus was a great guy and we agree with his teachings and morals"
would they then still be "demons" according to the other books in the New Testament Jesus was not a part of?

*Chims in and answers*

Well, that's the ironic thing in this whole deal, that these extremist Christians have no idea, that pretty much the whole Bible is a story based upon various Extraterrestrials and their adventures on Earth.

Ofcourse, though, if these Christians would get hard, actual proof of this and statements by the Bible-characters themselves, they would still refuse to believe it, and would consider it part of "The Great Deception".

"NO! My Yahweh COULDN'T have came in a Spaceship! It must be DEMONS"

Well that depends on the Christians you're talking about. That's a big stereotype there. Many of the Christians I know and myself have discussed that the Angels and God were actually extraterrestrial beings. It's not beyond belief for us.

But that's worrying because it means if the angels are actually just being from outer space then when the Bible talks about demons and evil spirits, well the demons and evil spirits could very well also be aliens from outer space too. That might mean there are good aliens and bad aliens and the Bible referred to them as angels and demons instead of good aliens and bad aliens.

So, I don't think it would be wise to assume they're all good or all bad. I think it would be wiser to wait until we know more before deciding.

[edit on 16-6-2009 by tinfoilman]

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