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Canadian Banking Cartel Stopped Conservative Defeat in Canada?

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posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 11:47 AM
So there is currently a scandal happening in Canada where the Minister of Natural Resources Lisa Raitt was taped in a private conversation with her former Press Secretary earlier this year. The focus of the scandal is the fact that she was hoping to solve the Chalk River nuclear isotope crisis by herself to get all of the credit, and that the incident was "sexy":

Stephen Harper should accept the resignation of Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt, following what the prime minister's office is calling "embarrassing" comments on an audio recording discussing the medical isotope shortage, said Liberal critic David McGuinty.

"A minister of the Crown should not be trying to make her political career on the basis of cancer testing," McGuinty said of the audio recording released on Monday night, in which Raitt refers to the shortage as a "sexy" problem and indicates she wants credit for fixing it.

In the recording — made public by the Halifax Chronicle-Herald after the Nova Scotia Supreme Court rejected an injunction application on Monday — Raitt discusses the medical isotope shortage with her former head of communications, Jasmine MacDonnell, during a car ride the two shared in Victoria on Jan. 30.

In the recording, MacDonnell said the isotope issue is "confusing to a lot of people."

"But it's sexy," Raitt said. "Radioactive leaks. Cancer."

So, that's the scandal and in my opinion just further shows how out of EVERYTHING this joke of a Canadian Conservative government continues to run my country into the ground with inaction in the interest of their own political careers, but that is not why I am writing this thread.

The real reason was a part of the article that the mainstream Canadian media isn't talking about, but the newspaper that originally released the recording is. The fact that it was the heads of three major banks, at the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, that ordered Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to step down in forming their coalition government to topple the Conservatives.

From the Halifax Herald:

Later in her conversation with Ms. MacDonnell, Ms. Raitt tells the man driving them around Victoria that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff had backed down from defeating the Conservative government on a budget a few days earlier because he got a message from Canadian bankers.

"They did it at the Canadian Council of (Chief) Executives, there (were) three presidents of major banks who stood up in the room — and this is not from cabinet so I can talk about it — stood up and said, ‘Ignatieff, don’t you even think about bringing us to an election,’" said Ms. Raitt.

"‘We don’t need this. We have no interest in this. And we will never fund your party again.’ That was very powerful. So he heard it from very powerful people in the industry. He was definitely muzzled."

Now, if you believe the Liberal party, they say that it never happened and cite the fact that it never happened at the Council that was attended by around 100 Canadian business executives:

Liberal finance critic John McCallum, who was present for the closed-door Jan. 20 meeting with about 100 executives, says they were against the coalition and an election but there was "not even a hint of a veiled threat," and bankers would never make such a threat in a meeting with so many people present.

"That’s absolutely ridiculous," he said. "Can you imagine a bank president standing up in a room like that with more than 100 people in the room and saying something like that? It makes no sense."

I, however, would argue that if the heads of three Canadian banks (BMO, ScotiaBank, TD Bank, CIBC, it didn't say which three) were to make such a strong, threatening message to the leader of the Liberal party, it would be made under more private circumstances, behind closed doors. John McCallum might not even of known about it.

Wow...this just makes me shake my head. I know bankers run the world but it still feels like crap when you're kicked in the nuts, if you get my metaphor. Politicians that are all talk but are out for their own best interests and not of the common person.

Makes me sick.

Source 1: CBC News

Source 2: Halifax Herald


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