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Two Party politics or the UK System, your vote?

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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 05:46 PM
Okay, I don't want to over simplify it but here's the beef:

Would you rather have an open ballot where anyone can get a vote, like in the UK. Or is it more democratic to have a 2 party system like in the US???

I hate threads like this, but the issue is there, and needs to be explored.

I think that the US system is not democracy, it's a false democracy, where all parties actually have the same agenda and make you think you are chosing an outcome, when the real outcome has been predetermined for you.

Or is that at least better than the UK system where the BNP can win seats?


Those are my thoughts, what about yours?


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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 05:58 PM
nice topic dude!

my 2 pence ... they both have their up's and downs, at the end of the day its all a pretend democacy as it really doesnt matter who the mp's are, as they dont seem to make that much actual decisions... thats a different topic though
.. back on topic.

two party politics is good for the way it makes it a very clear cut affair, vote one partry or vote for another, this also stops questionable parties like bnp' being able to stand, as they have to join one of the 2 partys, or not be in one at all, this also leads to members in one of the two parties having questionable beliefs, even though its not what the party stands for, which could and probably does create bad apples in the bunch.

the uk system is good as unlike 2 party politics, we have the chance to run as independants or as any party we please, this of course leads to partys like the bnp being in existance, but luckly its not about just being a party, its about winning majoritys. The main thing is the uk system is alot more democratic, as people can , if they truely feel they can make a difference stand on their own, not under the slogan of big party, and thats a true freedom in my book..the freedom to at least try and make a difference that is.

both good for different reasons.


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