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Will Somebody Please Disarm the UN?

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posted on Feb, 8 2003 @ 02:39 PM
It grows increasingly apparent that the UN lacks the courage of its convictions. Moreover, it has demonstrated in recent months that among UN diplomats, sense is anything but common.

A case in point would be the recent election of Libya as chair of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. In Moammar Khaddafi's Libya, the only human who has rights is Moammar Khaddafi. Yet two years ago, the UN Human Rights Commission booted the United States right off the commission, alleging AMERICA to be a serial human rights violator.

According to the conference's rules of procedure, the president, in addition to the "normal functions of a presiding officer," shall "in full consultation with the conference and under its authority, represent it in its relations with states, with the General Assembly and other organs of the United Nations and with other international organizations."

According to U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq, "The U.N. general secretary has tried to draw attention to the idea that if it does its work in the way it was intended, this committee should be able to deal with all the major issues of disarmament."

Sure, it will. Saddam can get started by ordering the US to surrender its weapons of mass destruction. Then Khadaffi can demand America improve its human rights record by releasing all the murderers on Death Row.

Here's how the UN deals with seating Saddam Hussein's Iraq as president of the Commission on Disarmament while simultaneously being in violation of more than 17 mandatory UN disarmament resolutions: "Whatever Iraq is doing, or its state, life goes on," said Timur Alasaniya in an interview in a story by Art Moore.

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