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You are One with Reality.

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posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 04:24 AM
Welcome to yet another YAD thread on ATS... The topic for tonight/today is you and reality as it relates to right "now" and how you are One with this Reality.

The biggest illusion we face, is that we are all somehow separate from Reality, when the more obvious truth is that we are one with it. Infused in it like some thread in a much greater fabric, rippling outward into some infinite scale.

We know we can break down reality into many different sub-groups such as matter, energy, frequency and density. How does this apply to you, as a person who is one with this break down?

From an organic perspective, you are a human. This entails that you will have a gender, and with that a series of habits, beliefs, knowledge and experience which stamps out the uniqueness of what you are in a seemingly infinite and endless reality system of which you are one with.

As an organic being, you have a fuel system by which your body taps into, stores and uses to drive all the actions required to animate and push forward the physical biological expression that is you.

One part of the fuel system I want you to look at, and that is the relationship to the Sun, and the energy that creates life. When plants take on radiation from the sun in the form of ultra-violet radiation, a process we all know as photosynthesis takes over and the plant stores energy from the sun, in a biochemical way using hydrocarbons as the battery molecule.

When we eat the plants, we ingest the hydrocarbons (sugar) and the body metabolizes it into fuel.

Inadvertently, by taking on this energy of the Sun, we share a common bond with this life giving energy as it now fuels our brain, our body and our consciousness.

In many ways, this gives us an attribute of the Sun, as a part of our body, as a part of our reality. We have a oneness with the Sun from a symbiotic relationship where we require the energy it emits to create the life energy we need to exist.

Our body started from two separate DNA data packets in the form of a sperm and an egg. From two single celled organisms, with the sharing of RNA, DNA to form a fractal like strand which is the blue-print of our body, we share a oneness with the cellular DNA which is the fractal blue-print of our physical design.

I am calling the DNA a fractal because at it's microscopic level it is merely a self-replicating fractal data packet which applies a biological process by which to create more cells and thus our body.

Look at all the atomic parts making up molecular DNA, and all the different chemicals, molecules and energy which the body is composed of. All of this coming from the reality enviroment of which you are one with.

From the visual spectrum of the Electromagnetic spectrum to the food you eat, you are a part of every aspect that this reality is, and it is a part of you. In many ways we have a quantum entanglement going on with this system.

One thing that is true, while we live and breath, we are one with this reality.

We are never separate from it. A part of it, as it is a part of us.

Now that we have that covered, lets look at oneness in a different way. Let's look at it from the perspective of a moment in time we call the now.

If you need a sample or reference for the now, look no forward because this is it. You are about as in the now as you will ever get.

In this now, look at everything that you feel, think and see and try to see how you are one with all of this information.

Try to see how it relates to you, and how you relate to it. If you find some strange common connection with a moment like this, in the "now". That relationship is part of oneness.

Look at what makes you one with reality, rather then what makes you anything less.

I think you might like what you see.


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