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Increased Sightings Mean?

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 04:06 PM
Based on my title I cannot help but wonder if there is a specific purpose or meaning for the exponential increase in personal sightings for me. Now before you ask I do not have any evidence as to prove my sightings were truly a UFO but personally, I have concluded for myself that they were genuine UFO"s as in "Unidentified Flying Objects".

Due to increased personal sightings, first actual sightings by friends while I am with them while having a sighting and other seemingly closely related sightings I have concluded that it is time for me to purchase some batteries for my camera and maybe a better camera. After a sighting I logically tell myself that another sighting is highly unlikely to occur, yet days later it does. Even without picture or video proof I highly value any feedback I get from all members and when or if the next sighting occurs and I have the opportunity, I will get it with my camera if it is currently good enough to do the job.

When a sighting occurs I try to use all logic to deduct or eliminate the possibilities so I can personally know if the sighting is a UFO or if it is something entirely different. I cannot help but wonder, due to the increased sightings I have been having, compared to my earlier life, if there is a reason or purpose for all of this. As you can imagine just about all possibilities have entered or left my head when trying to reason this down from project blue beam to government monitoring.

Now for some information. Over the past 2 years I have noticed what seemed to be a UFO, flying over our valley and area. Sometimes this UFO had flew straight overhead and other times not so. Now there was a span that usually spanned between a few days and then maybe a few weeks between seeing this object. My dad has seen it with me probably a total of 4 times out of approximately 15 that I had personally seen it. The object flies low and seems to be right at the lower level of the clouds, but sometimes under the clouds illuminating them as it flies. It flies slow and usually fades out after approximately 3 to 4 minutes. Sometimes it will fade out at the edge of the valley and other times right above us. The object does not blink, makes no sound and grows in intensity regarding how bright it is. It has gotten much brighter than Venus and any other star before and it has also zig zagged on one occasion. From irritations on not knowing what it is, during the last sighting, I have personally checked our location to see if it was the ISS, iridium flares, the Lacrosse, or a satellite. My dad personally thinks it is a probe for chemtrails but I find myself not believing that.

The most recent sightings I have a date for are these:

1. Sighting on 5/24/09 at approximately between 11PM and 3AM
Location: Guest ranch in central UT
Witnesses: 1 friend for all sightings and second friend for second sighting
Multiple sightings were witnessed, a total of 6. The first 2 happened between 11PM and 1AM of which the first object moved from the W horizon towards the SE horizon. The object seemed to illuminate the clouds above it and visibility lasted for approximately 2 minutes until it faded off.

Second sighting was the same as the first except the object moved from the W horizon to the E horizon and then stopped at the east horizon for approximately 5 minutes. Me and my other 2 friends watched it move all the way to the horizon, stop and then move directly north and then disappear. Time was approximately 30 minutes after the first sighting. Total visibility of the object lasted approximately 5 to 7 minutes.

3rd - 6th sightings occurred within the hours of approximately 1:30AM to 3am
The object of interest was on the west horizon and flew from S to N. The third and fourth sighting of the object was quite intense as it really scared my friend that witnessed it with me. It was low, made no sound and was bright and at times grew extremely bright as if it were reflecting light or had its own light source. There were no blinking lights on any of the objects seen this night. Total visibility of witnessed objects lasted approximately 2 minutes for the 3rd and 4th sightings.

5th and 6th sightings were exactly the same with the 3rd and 4th except for the fact that the objects grew in brightness to a extreme level it seemed but then shortly faded back to a level as the 3rd and 4th objects were. (The moon was rather bright that night and is why I asked the question further below as the only reasonable thing we could conclude the objects could be other than UFO"s was space debris)

2. Sighting on 6/03/09 Time was 2:30AM
Location Central UT
Witnesses were me then later my dad
Total visibility time approximately 15 minutes, no joke.

I went outside to have a smoke and thought I saw Venus in the SE sky not far above the mountain line but then noticed it grew brighter and dimmer and brighter and dimmer. I am not talking about the sparkling that a star does when you look at it for a long time on a clear sky. I mean noticeably brighter than any other star and constant changing in brightness. I wondered if it could seem to grow brighter and dimmer due to the clouds moving by but there were none and it was a clear night. I watched for some time and then called my dad and woke him up, told him to go outside and watch, which he did.

Sure enough it grew so bright it seemed to be getting closer to me and would sometimes hold its intensity for 45 seconds. It was not blinking and was entirely stationary. There was no sound that I could hear and so I got my spotlight out to shine it on the object. I shined it on the object or in its direction and blinked it in blinks of 2's and 3's randomly. After I did that it grew to the brightest intensity and held for about 45 seconds. This was just outside my house I witnessed this. I watched it for about 15 minutes until it just blinked out and didn't come back to be viewed. My dad went back to bed and I had a hard time sleeping but eventually passed out. The elevation of my town is 5,610 above sea level and we have mountains surrounding our valley to the East and West approximately 10 minutes away if you were driving. I was so excited I woke my dad up. This most recent sighting is by far the most conclusive to me as being a UFO. I also am not stating the objects are ET's or controlled by such but are Unidentified Flying Objects.

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 04:08 PM
From now on I will be documenting all sightings, their times, dates, whereabouts and descriptions as they seem to be increasing still. When I have documented evidence of what I am seeing I will post it here for further examination so I don't have to wonder anymore.

I do however have a question for those who might know.
If the moon came up over the east mountain and was a very bright and full moon is it possible that the illumination of it could reflect off of space debris on the west side of the valley or mountain multiple times to create very bright moving objects visible to the naked eye? In brightness I mean as bright as a shooting star and brighter. Like a little mirror in the sky?

What do you all think?

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