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Funny Idea

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posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 10:26 PM
Before I begin, I would like to say I'm not actually going to do this. However, the idea is hilarious and perhaps someone with more guts will do it.

Go to the entrance of some type of restricted military base, like Area 51, and go as far as you can without breaking any laws, which would be the entrance gates.

Then tie some weather balloons to a chair or desired object. You can makes this floating object look like a North Korean Plane, a big poster that says fu** the New World Order, etc. Covering it with aluminum foil would make it even more suspicious because they would think it is a spy device or something. Attach a walkie talkie that is transmitting so their equipment is more likely to think it is some type of spy aircraft. Then push it in a direction towards the base when the wind is blowing towards the base.

The base will probably be freaked out if it manages to get past the Wackenhut guards, which might attempt to shoot it down. You can just sit back and laugh your ass off, unless they detain you for being a terrorist or breaking some law. It's just a funny idea, and I'm sure someone will do it. Any parts I left off feel free to tell me so we can make this more interesting.

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