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FBI investigates time, mind warp in new TV series 'Flash Forward'.

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 03:20 PM
FBI investigates time, mind warp in new TV series 'Flash Forward'

Ok, this is interesting, I heard that the series Fringe is Sci-Fact and now this ?
Is it true what they say ? Is the 80/20 rule True ??

Check it out !

A new TV series at ABC will explore human consciousness, weird physics and the mysteries of time.

"Flash Forward" is based on a 1999 novel by respected Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer.

Sawyer's novel and the TV series seem to explore fascinating topics that are actually being investigated by serious scientists and researchers.

The series begins on a seemingly average day when every human in the world has a blackout of some kind mixed with altered consciousness for two minutes and 17 seconds.

As a result, there is widespread loss of life, injury and damage.

In addition, during this strange event everyone seems to have had individual visions of their lives on a specific day several months into the future.

It turns out that some physicists were conducting experiments that warped time and human consciousness.

An FBI agent, played by Joseph Fiennes, is one of the people we see having the blackout-premonition flash. Later, he and other FBI agents investigate the phenomena.


Is it just a far-fetched sci-fi plot or is there a basis in current knowledge about a scenario like this?

Extrasensory perception (ESP), anomalous cognition, remote viewing and other phenomena associated with human perception and awareness have been investigated by credible scientists and found to be something other than science fiction.

Here is the Link.

More Info from California Chronicle
"Everybody talks about their flash and they realize they were all dreaming of the same day – which is a day in the future. You can identify with the different people and have that sense of global import – we're all in it together ..."

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posted on May, 29 2009 @ 03:53 PM
Perhaps the FBI is used to story telling.

So naturally they will be able to tell people what to say and
not mention Tesla or anything truthful about the mind or warps.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

I read that Tesla got some 'inside info' from above, you know any thing about that ?


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