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APD officers caught running red lights

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 06:10 PM

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Dozens of Austin police officers have been caught on camera running red lights since the city first installed red light safety cameras in May 2008. The city has installed nine red light cameras since last year and issued more than 6,000 citations to red light runners. In that same time, more than 36 local police officers have also been caught on camera. The officers are not running on calls and do not have their flashing lights on, as is required by department policy. The videos below clearly show the violations, which include running through red lights or failing to stop before turning right on a red light. "It is a concern," said Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo. "We talk about it to our folks." But Chief Acevedo acknowledges none of his officers has been ticketed for running a red light, despite video evidence proving a violation. "What we do and what our policy is if that occurs is that we use progressive discipline to correct the behavior in either training or correct the behavior and so far, we haven't had anybody do it twice," said Chief Acevedo. "From my perspective, you've got to have your lights on, its required by the code." The Texas Transportation Code, along with APD policy, requires law enforcement officers to turn on their flashing lights before going through a red light. "At the end of the day, what we want to make sure is that our officer is setting the example and most instances they do," said Chief Acevedo. "I think in most instances when you look at the fact that we have 700 officers on patrol, we're going to thousands of calls a month and if you compare those numbers, we're doing pretty well when you put it in that perspective." But the chief's words are not consoling some Austin residents. "If they're going to enforce the law, they should also abide by the law, I mean no on should be above the law no matter if you wear a badge," said Austin driver James Thompson. After Tina Heffernan saw the video of police officers running the red lights, she was shocked. "Yeah, that was wrong," said Heffernan. "Unless he was chasing somebody which it didn't look like then I believe they should be upheld to the same traffic laws that everybody else is." The investigation also reveals violations by Travis County Sheriff's deputies, City of Austin vehicles and even an Austin ISD school bus. A total of 6,800 red light citations have been issued since the cameras went online in May 2008. The one with the most violations is at Interstate 35 and 11th Street in Downtown Austin, just blocks from the police station. Below is an interactive map of where the violations took place: View Caught on Camera: APD running red lights in a larger map So far, three City of Austin employees have been cited for red light violations while driving city vehicles. In those cases, the employee is responsible for paying the fine.

After seeing the thread about the guy who tracked down a speeding cop I thought people would want to see this.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 07:01 PM
HAHAHAHAHAHA that's so funny. After seeing that thread with the speeding cop I thought of APD (I'm from Central Texas). Last week I was almost T-boned by an officer at a red light. I was pissed.

APD is weak and Chief Art Acevedo is ruining the city!

APD to hold another DWI blood draw this week

For those who don't know, Chief Acevedo allows his APD 20 year old minions to take blood from it's civilians for refusing breathalizers. They take you in just like any other city would if you refuse a breathalizer, but our cops are out for your blood.

That's the dumbest thing ever, you can force someone to give blood but the police can't force you to give a breathalizer test???? WTF????

What a HUGE infringement on the citizen's rights.

Please don't post any responses claiming that this is false, save the arguement and google it yourself.

Anyone else think that APD or your local police department is turning into the Gestapo?


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