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kazakhstan UFO update.

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posted on May, 27 2009 @ 09:54 PM
Another thread that got deleted. Why? the story is interesting and of value and i have found another corroborating local source to it. Why don't the mods want you to know?

translation coming.....

posted on May, 27 2009 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by starfemme1

Star eggs. Episode 2

Origin of mysterious spherical objects falling on the fields near the village of Razdolne West-Kazakhstan region, so far none of the experts can not reliably determined. It is the mass of conflicting opinions.
News that the fields near the village of Razdolne West Kazakhstan region of the cosmos fell two UFOs, instantly exploded brains of millions of people throughout the world. Dozens of tabloid from Russia, Europe and America, presented the story as a sensation. According to rule broken phone history obrosla mass of non-existent details. At some Web sites with absolute certainty that the villagers came into contact with aliens. It is a call for a mass pilgrimage to places of historical earth contact.

Kazakh officials from the Ministry of Defense and the Institute for Space Studies, which supplies about Razdolnensky UFO "was sent local cheesniki, have not yet been able to comment on the appearance of spherical objects in the drop zone.

However, enthusiasts of the "Kriptofizicheskogo society" Nekton Laboratory, a branch of Kosmopoisk, collect and analyze information from all cases, meet with an unidentified, determine the nature of UFOs and the way they appear in the vicinity of the village Razdolne. They assumed, fallen in western Kazakhstan balls, nothing other than two of the eight helium tank system ASG third booster block "Breeze-M" set to launcher "Proton-M" (see photo), started prior to April 14 "Baikonur" space vehicles on board the "IndoStar 2 / ProtoStar2". However, later kriptofiziki have recovered, it turns out, this kosmolet left with the launch of Space Harbor is not on 14 April and 16 May and falling to the spherical balloon has nothing to do with.

What is helium tanks, the experts had no doubts. Head of Aviation Engineering Service International Airport Akjol in Uralsk Edward MILOSHENKO, inspecting facilities, also suggested that the vessels for compressed gas of high pressure, which are used to correct the motion of satellites in orbit.

But so far remains a mystery, from which fall off and why it fell in the West Kazakhstan region, these two areas. One of the visitors to an Internet version of the newspaper "Megapolis", made an authoritative statement that Razdolnensky tractor became the first of the Kazakhs, who were lucky enough to meet the native land of the pride of domestic space, the long satellite KazSat. Probably the second ball - it has not yet been launched KazSat-2.

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