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Dying with Dignity- Tasmanian Greens introduce euthanasia bill to parliment

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 07:00 PM
Here at the bottom of the world we have just started again the debate of euthanasia when Nick McKim from Tasmanian Greens introduced a Bill titled Dying with Dignity 2009.

In a survey poll contacted by the Green Party, 78% of Tasmanian's agree with the right to die question. The debate here is raging again.

a quick outline has been given pertaining to some of the big questions in the bill.

Mr McKim also reiterated the safeguards contained in his Dying with Dignity Bill 2009, which include making it a criminal offence to induce or coerce another person, mandatory cooling-off periods, and only being available to: - People who are terminally ill and suffering intolerable pain; - People who are assessed by a psychiatrist as being mentally competent to make an informed decision; - People who are assessed by a palliative care expert to confirm that their suffering cannot be treated and relieved;and - People who are residents of Tasmania.

I am continually surprised at how upset people get on this subject. Usually the antagonists to the right to die seem to be quite religious. I may be over simplifying things, but it seems that way. And why?

What also surprises me is that only four governments in the world have even introduced this law , or similar, that allows people to die, if they wish. Belgium, Nederlands, Washington State and Oregon. you can see here the map where you can choose to die with dignity if you wish.

The talk-back radio here has had some heart felt debates on both sides, some of the family members who have watched loved ones suffer and have had to ignore their cries for help, not to mention Nurses, to die, are very upsetting and thought provoking.

if you want to give an opinion, go for it, but please don't get upset about it all.

I think that to be able to debate this subject seriously is a sign of maturity for a people.

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 07:02 PM
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oh, i think i accidently put this in the wrong forum, if it can be moved somewhere more appropriate, that would be good, thanks mods.


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