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May 25th, Halifax Nova Scotia UFO Sighting

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 06:59 PM
Last week I posted a home made video about my experience of seeing a UFO, and my site survey.

In response to this video, I was contacted by a flight attendant of international flights that passed over my area weekly, who last night saw the same UFO from 33,000 feet up while I was seeing it on the ground.

I have included the email exchange between us. So for the record I have done up a video of this results, and explained the exchange and the possible confirmation, in an hope to reach one of the pilots who seen this from the air. I have included the map, and the communication between us with minor edits.

Email after I had asked him to contact me the next time he would be flying over.

It's Monday the 25th. I'll be flying over Nova Scotia enroute to Brussels around 9:30 or 10:00pm. I'll be looking down from my crew rest window for for moving lights!

The email the next morning, the day of this post, about the night before

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!! At approximately 8:35pm EST, we were about 100 miles north of Halifax and about 75 miles off the coast at about 33,000 feet and we saw a bright light! I had just sat down to my crew rest and was looking out of the window (towards the east) and thought I was looking at a very bright lone star. It seemed to get a little brighter then PING! It went out like a light bulb being turned off! I couldn't believe my eyes! I had even sat down with my camera in-hand in case I saw something, but as soon as the light went out, it never came back on. The pilots told me that several other airliners in the area were squawking on the radio about it! They told me that they only heard the other pilots saying "did you see that light?". My pilots wouldn't elaborate and I kind of got the feeling they weren't going to give me much more than that. In the airline industry, it's kind of taboo for pilots to talk about that kind of stuff. I didn't push it.

I only saw the light for less than a minute before it went out. And as I said, initially I thought it was a really bright star. It didn't move at all, but just got brighter before it shut off. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

I had estimated the time I'd be over Nova Scotia incorrectly. I was off by an hour. I really hope you got to see one last night too! Let me know!

The flight indicated is not his flight, it is the flight mentioned in the video and the one that was on the same altitude and right in front of the UFO path, and this was seen by many planes.

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