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Pittsburgh VA Clerks Delayed Veteran Benefits To Earn Bonuses

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 05:41 AM

Clerks at the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Pittsburgh deliberately delayed 10 veterans' benefit claims so that about 120 VA employees could get a $300 performance bonus in 2008, an inspector general's report says.

Pittsburgh-Tribune Review Full Article

By Dave Rabbit - ATS Press Corp.

Dallas, Texas. Another restless night in Big D. So since I can't sleep, again, I decide to get up and check my e-mail. On a given day, I receive anywhere from 50 to 150 legitimate communications from fans and GI's around the world who I have established a relationship with since 2006. They are always constantly sending me photos, jokes, personal stories and things that they see or hear about in their home town that infuriates them so much, they want to bring it to my attention. This is one of them.

When I read this I got so furious that I thought I was going to hyperventilate. A stupid bonus program, by the Government is the catalyst to screw over men and women who have laid their lives on the line and who depend on our Government to do the right thing. Sure, only 10 Veterans were affected.... but these idiots need to be horse whipped for doing something so dishonorable.

"Delayed payments can cause veterans and their families financial hardship by depriving them of entitled compensation and a source of income," the report says. Veterans earn benefits for disabilities, health care, lost wages and more."

I find it amazing that even after all of the press in the last several years, more notably dating back to Ron Kovic's book "Born On The Fourth Of July", which was made into the film of the same name, which depicted some of the horrific medical treatment that returning veterans were receiving upon arriving back home from war. And even though there has been some improvement in this effort, only because of the political pressure the congressional leadership has been under from Veteran's groups across the country, still, there is so much more than can and should be done. In a strange twist of fate, Adrian Cronauer works for Veteran's Affairs in Washington, DC.

I'd like your opinions about this, but more importantly, if you are aware of other instances where our veterans are getting screwed by the Government in your local community, please post it here for all to see and scrutinize.


posted on May, 21 2009 @ 05:47 AM
No wonder numbers of new recruits are falling.
Don't they realise that young people read these stories and decide that entering the Military just isn't worth it?
The way they treat Veterans has always been below the pale.
And the money with held isn't that much in the big scheme of things.
My heart goes out to all Vets who keep getting screwed over.

posted on Dec, 26 2015 @ 10:43 PM
a reply to: Dave Rabbit

thats the kind of thing that real'y makes me mad


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