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A Possible Ad-Hoc Cure for H1N1

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posted on May, 20 2009 @ 07:32 AM
Recently (like many others here on this board I am sure) I've been experiencing mild cold-like symptoms...This is very strange for me, as I rarely get sick.

I've had moistness in the back of my throat for about a week, with a mild sporatic cough. Judging from the vast amount of people who have symptoms like this (or even worse symptoms of late) I can only attribute this to the covered-up, widespread public contamination from H1N1 Swine Flu.

To relieve these strange symptoms I relied on a very little known device that was originally conceived as an anti-aging device. This is called the "Immortality Device" named by it's creator and patent holder Alex Chiu. They consist of two pinky rings with very high strength Neodymium North and South magnets on each ring.

Over the years many people disputed the effectiveness of this "device" and have even called it a scam, but I can fully attest to the fact that these rings really do have power. They might not make one immortal as the creator claims, but they do increase blood flow (and I believe Chi/energy flow) in the body if used correctly, and promotes rapid healing.

I have been experimenting with wearing these rings in bed for about an hour or so every other night, and each time I've experienced a reduction in symptoms. I am almost completely fine now.

My theory is that the increased energy flow in the body caused by these rings "zaps" the virus, killing the virus instantly.

If anyone is interested in purchasing these rings, or finding out how to make your own, you should visit Alex Chiu's website:

Alex Chiu's Immortality Device

PLEASE BE ADVISED: The site is VERY wacky! Only the faithful and open-minded will get past the homepage, but the device is definately worth a try...especially in the face of an Armageddon-like pandemic!


posted on May, 20 2009 @ 08:16 AM
reply to post by windwaker

Thanks for info windwaker.

I agree that there is some benefit to the rings. Of course they will not make you immortal, and the website and advertisements are extremely wacky.

Magnets and copper bracelets have been used a long time. I was having a hard time getting through some lower back pain, so I decided to give them a try. I also changed my diet and started working out a little more consistently at the same time, so I cannot give the jewelry full credit, but it certainly did not cause any harm, and it may have helped some.

A few years ago after a serious burn injury, the doctors were having a hard time getting my elbow to heal. They re-grafted it several times, but it continued to slough off and stay raw. The rest of my body had healed appropriately. After about a year, someone suggested an acupuncturist. I had nothing to lose, so I visited a well-respected acupuncture teacher. We talked for a little while and he offered to help me for free! He used electrostimulation called "surrounding the dragon" on my elbow. It tickled a little at the time, and I remember thinking how the sensation reminded me of how it felt before the burn. Within one week, the skin had sealed off the puss and blood flow, and withing a month it was fully healed!! I was amazed, but the practitioner and my burn doctor were simply satisfied that it had healed. They both agreed that stimulating the energy flow (chi) across the wound, and "jumping" the interruption that the burn had caused, had helped my body heal. It has been several years, and it is still healed!

FYI: Do not discount these holistic style cures just because of their kooky salespeople, exaggerated claims, or simplistic approach. Do not expect miracles, but if the procedure causes no harm, and may provide benefits, give it a shot!

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