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"Here's the truth about America" as told by a Skortched Urf' Studios

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posted on May, 19 2009 @ 09:37 PM

Here's the truth about America. A Pilgrim fell overboard during the Mayflower's voyage to the newly colonized land. His shipmates threw him a line and brought him back aboard. Despite his early misadventure, the man prospered, growing fat and comfortable in his new country. In time, the Pilgrim died of old age, but not before founding a quiet dynasty of power and privilege. President Roosevelt was one of the pilgrim's descendants; so was Eisenhower; so was Nelson Rockefeller, so are both Bushes and the whole of their corrupt pseudo-Texan clan. Here's the truth about America. America has a caste system every bit as stratified, codified and steel-strong as anything found in pre-colonial India. You know it when MSNBC runs a puff piece on Barak Obama's genealogy and reveals out he's distantly related to Dick Cheney. You know it when Hollywood starlets are released from jail with but a slap on the wrist. You know it every time you search the couch for pennies and dimes to fill up the tank of your eight year old Toyota. America has a caste system. You are on the bottom. If you're very lucky, you're one or two rungs up the ladder, at least near the top...of the bottom tier. The Scion of the Pilgrim is at the top. The real top of the ladder, higher than most Presidents ever climb. Scions are the descendants of the Pilgrim and his kind; their families have ruled America since before the Mayflower Compact was penned. No one elected these Scions; wealth and privilege and quiet authority has never needed the approval of the masses to legitimize it. Some Scions have the kind of names you'd recognize from CNN and E Entertainment; some don't, ruling quietly and majestically.
The preceding is the description of a playable character from a role playing game. This is not a plug for the game. I was struck by how well it sums up and felt it worth sharing here.

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