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Vice President & Nano Thermate discussion

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posted on May, 19 2009 @ 07:33 AM
ok, we hand delivered the article for nano-thermate to the V pres. asking about will Obama reinstate the rule of law... hummmmm ....
here is the video:

he has to investigate the claims, etc .... so how much time should we give Mr. VP
before we discredit the whole Obama Admin as nothing more than more of the same.
and what if he is already in on it.... then what .....

we know we must have struck a cord .... this crap is coming at us faster than it ever has... they dont even attempt to hide their treasonus acts anymore... they just spin and leave it in the dust.... enough is enough... if that was your brother sister mother or father it would be a different story .... right .... No... Wrong....
do you want to know why.... becasue you are too involved feeding your own habits you have no time to seek justice for someone elses kin... shame on you....

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