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Inside the world of military research projects--DARPA's 2009 Strategic Plan

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 11:07 PM

If you want to get a general idea of the scope of DARPA's programs, here is a short list of research projects on the table. Most of which are spelled out with more detail later:

-Accelerated Development and Production of Therapeutics: rapidly and inexpensively manufacture millions of doses of life saving drugs or vaccines in weeks, instead of the years required to ramp up today's manufacturing practices.

-Blue Laser for Submarine Laser Communications: provide for timely, large area submarine communications at speed and depth, which no other future or existing system, or combinations of systems, can do.

-High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System: novel, compact, high power lasers making practical small-size and low-weight speed-of-light weapons for tactical mobile air- and ground-vehicles.

-High Productivity Computing Systems: supercomputers are fundamental to a variety of military operations, from weather forecasting to cryptography to the design of new weapons; DARPA is working to maintain our global lead in this technology.

-Networks: self-forming, robust, self-defending networks at the strategic and tactical level are the key to network-centric warfare; these networks will use spectrum far more efficiently and resist disruption if the GPS time signal is unavailable.

-Quantum Information Science: exploiting quantum phenomena in the fields of computing, cryptography, and communications, with the promise of opening new frontiers in each area.

-Real-Time Accurate Language Translation: real-time machine language translation of structured and unstructured text and speech with near-expert human translation accuracy.

-The A160 program is developing an unmanned helicopter for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, with long endurance - up to 20 hours - and the ability to hover at high altitudes.

-Vulture will develop an aircraft capable of remaining on-station for over five years, pushing technology and design so that the system may not require refueling or maintenance.

-Rapid Eye program is creating the capability to deliver a persistent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance asset anywhere worldwide within one to two hours.

Inside the World of Military Research Projects

Last week the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency detailed nine top strategic research programs in a 57-page report. Vaccines, lasers, supercomputers, spacecraft...oh my!

Some promising projects here. I'd love to have a peek at their black projects.

DARPA Strategic Plan 2009 (PDF link to report)

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