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DARPA [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] and computer-human dyad for enhanced cognition

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 10:31 PM
here's 3-4 links about DARPA and Augmented Cognition!

really fascinating but as I'm finishing up a a crazy quarter in my Master's program I don't have time to post it fully explored and written.

Hopefully people will add to this because it's REALLY exciting and a little scary!
[20 min video based on year 2030 computer-human dyad; second half is concerning the neuroscience and body scanning aspects]
[Pentagon, project BlueSky, computer enhanced scanning of human thought]
[DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s]

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 11:08 PM
I'll have a look at those videos - meanwhile I just finished posting on another recent DARPA thread with some (well in my opinion) interesting information. Here are a number of projects I've found highly intriguing. First off, here are the links to some of the DARPA offices:

I enjoy going to the DARPA site every few months and having a look at some of the latest 'disclosed' projects. Here are links to the various offices:

Defense Sciences Office

Tactical Technology Office

Strategic Technology Office

Information Processing Techniques Office

You'll find quite a few projects within the sites listed above that deal with human neural interfaces and symbiotic relationships.

Now for my current favorite projects. At the DSO (under section M), there is a program entitled Mathematical Time Reversal which I find highly intriguing. Unfortunately it's non-clickable (the only project not viewable I might add).


The Neovision Program will pursue an integrated approach to the object recognition pathway in the brain.

Programmable Matter

The goal of Programmable Matter Program is to demonstrate a new functional form of matter, based on mesoscale particles, which can reversibly assemble into complex 3D objects upon external command. These 3D objects will exhibit all the functionality of their conventional counterparts.

Slowing, Storing, and Processing Light

DSO is exploring the development of functional material systems with the ability to slow, store, and process light pulses. These systems utilize quantum interference between energy levels of the material to produce highly nonlinear effects on light pulses propagating through the material. Perhaps the most dramatic of these are the slowing of light pulses to a few meters per second, and the storage and subsequent retrieval of a light pulse over several hundred milliseconds.


The Z-Man Program will develop climbing aids that will enable an individual soldier to scale vertical walls constructed of typical building materials without the need for ropes or ladders. The overall goal of the program is to enable an individual soldier using dry adhesive climbing aides to scale a vertical surface at 0.5 m/s while carrying a combat load.

They even have a Project MAHEM (MAgneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition (MAHEM) -- not the Fight Club 'Project Mayhem' obviously.

And they have at least one project that works in accordance with HAARP:
Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) Wave Study

The ULF program will provide necessary understanding of HAARP generated ULF waves that will lead to the development of ULF for applications of significance to military operations. The foreseeable outcomes include very long range communications including subterranean communications, underground imaging and exploration, Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) electromagnetic pulse (EMP) propagation, and satellite protection via particle precipitation in the radiation belts.

And last but not least is Project GALE

The goal of the GALE (Global Autonomous Language Exploitation) program is to develop and apply computer software technologies to absorb, translate, analyze, and interpret huge volumes of speech and text in multiple languages, eliminating the need for linguists and analysts, and automatically providing relevant, concise, actionable information to military command and personnel in a timely fashion. Automatic processing "engines" will convert and distill the data, delivering pertinent, consolidated information in easy-to-understand forms to military personnel and monolingual English-speaking analysts in response to direct or implicit requests.

Great for processing unwieldly information obtained by eaves-dropping on anybody and everybody in world.

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