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Politics in WHO: U.S., NWO backed by WHO through virus?

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 09:11 PM
“I think the consequences will be quickly, highly, and tragically visible.” ~
Dr. M. Chan, Director-Gen.
Dr. Chan's rhetoric: 1) emphasizes global meltdown, 2) makes case for universal coverage, 3) praises govts for (false) “open” info. exchange of H1N1, and 4) argues “underlying conditions” are the reason for severe/fatal H1N1. It's apparent that several comments during her address set a higher agenda for the world, as well as purposely mislead the world--Can you fill-in-the-blanks, connect the dots, see the pattern? Do you personally Agree or Disagree? Which issue(s)? Predictions of what's to come?

1. Global meltdown/NWO- She says global meltdown (economy, fuel, food, developing nations) & extreme inequities are leading to deadly circumstances never seen before due to H1N1/other crises. New territory=New need for new world order/gov???

”Our world is dangerously out of balance, and most especially so in matters of health. The current economic downturn will diminish wealth and health...Human society has always been characterized by inequities. History has long had its robber-barons and its Robin Hoods. The difference today is that these inequities, especially in access to health care, have become *so deadly*. We see just how much equity matters when crises arise. The world is facing multiple crises, on multiple fronts.”

2.Case for “universal coverage”- She compares economic meltdown to H1N1 & implies that the public will see *tragedy* until it adopts the new health system(s):
“As we have seen, the financial crisis has been highly contagious, moving rapidly from one country to another, and from one sector of the economy to many others. The world is concerned about the prospect of an influenza pandemic, and rightly so. Much is in our hands. How we manage this situation can be an investment case for public health. The world will be watching, and one big question is certain to arise. Are the world’s public health services fit-for-purpose ? Of course not. And I think the consequences will be quickly, highly, and tragically visible. Will something finally be done?... The health sector cannot be blamed for lack of foresight. We have long known what is needed. An effective public health response depends on strong health systems that are inclusive, offering universal coverage right down to the community level."

3.Praises U.S., Mexico, etc.,for active role in being “transparent” in their reports, & sharing so much information. If this were the case, then why all of the contradictory data, black-outs in the media, hush-hush doctors, etc. (Well, maybe these countries were helpful to WHO—or told WHO what to say and do!):
"To date, most outbreaks have occurred in countries with good detection and reporting capacities...thank the governments of these countries for the diligence of their surveillance, their transparency in reporting, their generosity in sharing information and viruses."

4. OK, here’s where it gets a little more crazy! Dr. Chan admits that the outbreak in Mexico wasn't due to “underlying conditions.” Then, she says that the bulk of chronic diseases have risen & moved from wealthy to poor countries. Using that logic, the U.S. –with all severe/fatal cases having underlying medical issues-- must be a poor/low-middle income country:

"most cases of severe and fatal infections with the H1N1 virus, outside the outbreak in Mexico, are occurring in people with underlying chronic conditions. In recent years, the burden of chronic diseases has increased dramatically, and shifted dramatically, from rich countries to poorer ones. Today, around 85% of the burden of chronic diseases is concentrated in low- and middle-income countries. The implications are obvious. The developing world has, by far, the largest pool of of people at risk for severe and fatal H1N1 infections."

Last thoughts: if not political motivated for NWO, might be making case for #6--which is anti-economy? ~All quotes from

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