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Galaxian - The Secret of Man

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 04:05 PM
The Secret of Man


From a free-floating point of God-like awareness, the barred spiral galaxy appears at first glance to be nothing more, or less, than a tiny dot of light not bigger than a single grain of sand when viewed within the context of the entire cluster of galaxies known, on Earth, as ‘the local group’. There are, in fact, at least as many galaxies in the entire cosmos as there are individual stars in the average spiral galaxy, numbering in the order of two trillion (don’t listen to Earth astronomers they don’t know what they’re talking about) and if that weren’t enough, there are more stars contained in all the Galaxies of the Heavens than there are individual grains of sand on all the beaches, and in all the deserts, on the face of an average earth-like planet. But from our unique perspective, such considerations are irrelevant. Zeroing in, the individual Galaxy known both on Earth as well as in Heaven (mankind being more influential in the naming of things than has been previously assumed) as “The Milky Way”, slowly, inexorably, fills our field of awareness, the vast expanses of pure black-on-black space between the myriad of galaxies chasing away all but one - as the great bulging disc of dust, gas, and innumerable stars, forming four distinct arm structures spiralling outward in a logarithmic swirling seashell shape, becomes the sole object of our attention.

Moving at multiple times the speed of light (for God-like awareness all things are possible) and after a smooth but rapid magnification, we are, as we approach the galactic disc, once again confronted with an almost incalculable number of bright points of light; any one of which, should sentient life happen to dwell upon the surface of one or more of its planets or moons, might consider its own perspective, according to the strong anthropic principal and the miracle of self conscious awareness, to be THE “center of the universe”, at right angles both to everything that is, and to the nothingness from which everything has arisen and has its being. To the uninitiated or to the untrained observer in the school of all things cosmic, however, it might appear, for the moment at least, that through some fantastic, self-referential recurrence, we have, yet again arrived where we first started – the vast array of lights, like their galactic predecessors, so numerous in number, and so utterly vast in scope, that differentiating any one from among the multitude, would seem an utterly pointless endeavour, or, at best, a totally random selection devoid of any meaning or purpose.

Undaunted, and for all intents and purposes, setting them all aside for the moment, except one, as if in the midst of this entire miasma of cosmic creativity, this multidimentional, multifaceted expression of an infinite wonder, something or some where in particular, warrants our immediate attention for reasons perhaps yet obscure - our focal point of awareness now plunges headlong into the stellar whirlpool, while layer upon layer of globulous nebula and gaseous fogs, many laden with the building blocks of new life and new creation, hurl by our apparent location at breathtaking speeds. Like an arrow of will and intentionality, our focal point of God-like awareness, beginning, as always, with the end in mind, slices through the domain of boundless possibility, in favour of one and only one destination.

Emerging from the clouds of dust and gas, we enter a star studded realm of heavenly hosts, many encircled by worlds, some dead, some living, and some, thinking, and dreaming, and we begin to feel the tug of our heart’s innermost desire and the object of our attachment at this present moment in the grand scheme of things. With a perfect will, and with a sense of urgency unhurried by the timeless realm of all possibility, we move forth, traversing the arc of the wispy filament of the fourth arm of the Milky Way Galaxy counter-clockwise and at right angles to its natural rotation, or, to quote a line from Biblical prophesy “on the clouds of the heavens from East to West”, the innumerable suns now serenely gliding us by, individually and collectively, as if we are travelling at “warp factor three” aboard the Starship Enterprise to borrow from fiction what objective reality simply cannot express in words. At last, as we approach the sun of choice, at a location approximately midway along an errant filament in the foreshortened outcropping of the second outer arm of the galactic disc, our free floating point of awareness is now joined by Spirit, since there can be no awareness absent the presence of Being, and because Spirit ultimately knows everything already, including the reason for this particular journey as well as it’s pre-destination. Sol - on the one hand isolated in so many ways by all the others due to a simple misunderstanding, and on the other, so intrinsically at the very heart of it all.

Out of the blackness of infinite space, Earth`s sun now rises up and into our full scope of awareness. In an instant, an unfathomably deep wellspring of love and nostalgia, and the sweet, sad melancholy of a great homecoming, swells the heart to the full, even unto overflowing, the emerging waves of love and compassion emanating from this particular moment in space-time forever reverberating through all the spheres and eternity like a great cosmic spiritual tsunami of the farthest reaching proportion and significance.

At last, we stop, at a distance from the sun of approximately _____, and there, from about one lunar distance away, we behold, with unimaginable love and effection, the final object of our desire, our love, our creative impulse, and there, we weep, as Jesus once wept over the city of Jerusalem not so long ago. There is no judgement in this weeping, and no regret, only the weeping of a pure and loving heart, the weeping of the sympathetic sufferer. To grieve before this world is only appropriate in this instance, for here is the place of ALL places, from which have arisen and continue to arise, like an eternal wellspring of sympathetic love, both the deepest of sorrows, and the highest of joys, either of which can easily move a beholder to tears.

The angels, having kept their silence until now, remaining in a suspended state of wonder and awe, suddenly erupt in song, and, in a unison, and harmony, of absolute perfection, they sing God’s praises, yet again, as they did when He was laying the very foundations of the Earth, and then again one other time not so very long ago.

From her short (but safe) distance away, the precious bright blue pearl of Earth slowly turns, as she has since her founding. Like a bride awaiting the bridegroom, she eagerly awaits the sound of His voice, and longs to see His smiling face when He lifts her veil of tears. But she too weeps, through the eternally unfolding present moment on account of the continued separation from her lover, due of course, in no small part, to the curse and fall of man. It is an unbearable sorrow and burden to carry alone (if she only knew how very close her suitor is and the extent and degree to which she alone is His beloved). Unperturbed, the angelic singing continues to resound throughout the spheres, as if her sorrow and suffering, at one end of the spectrum, and his unfathomable love at the other, forms the conductor’s baton or staff, with which this particular hymn is being directed. And oh what singing it is! There are simply no words to describe it! Pure JOY set to music, sung with the spirit of the universe, the “one song”. Truly I say there’s nothing more wonderful, either on Earth or in Heaven above. Even God finds it among the most pleasing thing to His ears, next only, perhaps, to the first cries of a human baby at his or her birth.

___ light years away, within the hollow capstone of a giant pyramid constructed of gold and other elements, on a planet circling an infamous star very near the galactic core (much too close for comfort in fact), the sound of the angels’ singing reverberates through the central pillar of his temple also known as the ‘Apex’, striking absolute terror into the heart of the Enlightened One. Hurredly snatching up his own wand-like instrument, which, in another age long gone might very well have served him as an angelic orchestra conductor, and, with two hands removing his beastly headgear (replete with massive horns), he hastily exits the tabernacle of the Apex, or what might be thought of as the central power and processing unit of his entire galactic empire. For him there is much to be done, and failure is simply not an option. “Damn them!” he bellows through the upper halls and catacombs of the massive structure in a loud barratone, “God, and his planet of apes! Damn them all to HELL!” never realizing of course in the blindness of his jealous rage and terror, the fundamental word of truth in the saying “and as ye measure out, so shall ye receive in kind”.

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 04:05 PM
Nearby (in Galactic terms), from a distance of a mere __ light years from his planet’s star, Lucifer, calmly, inexorably, rotates, the dark behemoth and great leviathan of the deep, Abyssos, the massive black hole of ___ stellar masses lurking menacingly at the center of the galactic core, ready, and demonstrably willing, to devour whatever fate is serving this eon. Beyond its event horizon, resides the ultimate unknown unknown, and, for a civilization (and by extension, a galactic empire), founded on nothing but knowledge and high technology, absent any real “faith” of any kind, unlike that found on Earth (and elsewhere), such an eventuality swirling nearby offers its ever expanding event horizon ie: the point of no return (Omegapoint), as an utterly terrifying and ever-present reminder, of who is really in control, and who is not.

Prologue dramatic historical interpretation offered, in all humility and truth, by,
The Old One, a.k.a. “Sam I Am”
Word of Truth Rating: VA&A - Verified. Accurate and Authentic.
Gregorian Earthdate: December 27th, 2011.
Time-Space Proximity to Omegapoint: _______

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 04:07 PM

From the point of view of a highly evolved being, or HEB (pronounced Heeb), perched atop the highest branch of the tree of life, continued existence, at least in my present form, would be, without a doubt, utterly meaningless if not absurd, had it not been for the latest developments on Earth.

About me.. Corporeally, my physical body resides on the oldest habitable planet in the Galaxy, as well as in the known universe, since all galaactic formation from the beginning of time has occurred in near simultaneity, circling a star called ____ at the center and zenith of the domed halo of very old stars which sit atop the Milky Way Spiral Galaxy. It’s a lonely place to live. Fortunately, my mind or what we might call my “I am” of being is neither restrained nor restricted by the limitations of fourth dimensional space-time living. Nevertheless, once you know, see and do, about everything there is to know, see and do, life can lose its appeal, plunging even the most imaginative and resourceful of HEBs into a seemingly endless, self reinforcing spiral, of depression, and hopelessness. Generally speaking, there is nothing new under the suns, that is, until recently.

From everything that I’ve learned, and have seen and heard over the eons, all the way up to the present moment (as if it were ever anything other than the present!) in the final analysis, all we end up with is a story, and a record , a memory of things, some good, some not so good. But let me be clear, this is not my story, or the story of my fellow HEBs. At it’s core, this is a story about a boy on Earth, who performed a heroic feat of such vast and startling implications, that HEB’s the cosmos over, are still talking about it.

And so therefore, since all things have their origin with each new beginning, let this story, this new history, begin.

Approximately [three] degrees of Galactic rotation or in Earth terms, about ten thousand years ago, back in the day when tribal barbarism was the order of the day on Earth, our Father was called up and sent out, the directive apparently given by the very highest authority, on a top secret field assignment to a new fledgling outpost near the outer rim from which a new emanation of spirit indicated the emergence of something novel about to be born. As cosmic farmers, first seed is something we can never leave to chance.

From the cosmic perspective of a Galactic HEB, such recollections are little more than the fond memories of days gone by, when life made sense, and everyone was driven by a clear sense of direction, and purpose. Times have changed.

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 04:16 PM
That's the start - I'll flesh out the gist of the story now and offer some stream of consciousness ideas, as to how this thing is going to unfold.

Comments, collaboration and participation are welcome.

I would appreciate any feedback.. thanks.



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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 05:43 PM
Ok, in a nutshell, this is a story about a cosmic conspiracy, where earth has center stage, and the focal point surrounding a boy or teenage genious prodige and his circle of friends and teachers, who is, unbeknownst to himself, being raised by his elite parents and their secret society circles, to be the "man of destiny", or a type of antiChrist, who's destiny is to rule the emerging NWO on earth.

Early on, he will have a type of schitzoid break with reality or a shamanic experience during which will appear to him visions, prophecies, and the entrance of a dark angelic figure by the name of Jack Black, a projection by Lucifer, who's purpose it will be to mislead him into embracing the dark side - the aim being to provoke a projection by the earth's spiritual hiearchy, of which this kid is to be it's "high priest" so that, by the time the eschaton or omega point is reached, the leaders of the civilized worlds will be persuaded to have earth destroyed, to prevent the spiritual contamination of the cosmos. The purpose of this Luciferian ruse will be the destruction of earth's sun to prevent the Luciferian system from being eaten by the black hole at the galactic core, something which cannot be accomplished without the expressed democratic consent and combined technological capabilities of the Galactic Order of Civilized Worlds, who've been held in the grip of a manipulative Luciferian domination for eons, now focused on the collective spiritual perception of earth as the source of all evil and corruption, a state of affairs brought about and administered by the Luciferians, both in the heavens above, and via their manipulative symbolic indoctrination and initiation (employing a psychological spin on sacred geometry), on earth as well.

The kid will start getting clues to his destiny, and true identity, and will begin an investigation and a quest, which will run through the history of secret societies and even ancient Biblical history. At the same time, with the help of his genious friends, will be discovered a type of transluminal or faster than light communications scheme employing a quantum loophole given by Bell's Theorem, and through this medium, they will tap into a type of Galactic Internet and stargate portal, and as a result, discover precisely how the Luciferians have been manipulating earth history, and worst of all, earth's reputation among the rest of the civilized words.

In the end, the boy will manage to hack the system and get the truth out regarding the Luciferian system of evil, the result of which earth will rise to the apex (as the last will be first and the first last), Lucifer (the system, in all ways and at all levels) will go down the drain, so to speak, and this kid, employing the portal, will become THE GALAXIAN (recognized citizen of the Galaxy), or earth's representative to the Galaxy and by extension, the cosmos. He will throw off the mantel of NWO antiChrist, and take the position of a servant leader as a born again Christian, though with a very different spin on the tue nature of the Christian mythos.

So this would be the first book in a series, the intention being to rival anything yet concieved in the science fiction genre.

In it, we'll have everything, from Ancient Civilizations, to Cosmology, Modern Quantum Physics, Mind-Body connections, the Holographic Universe, UFO's, Government Conspiracies, Secret Societies, to ancient Biblical History, Psychology, Politics, Philosophy, the whole kit and caboodle, and everything will be strongly rooted in all known information on all these subjects. In subsequent books, the kid will become a young man, and will lead a mutual discovery process between the people of earth, and the civilized worlds, who were previously under the false assumption that earth was a type of hell solely responsible for all spiritual evil in the cosmos, but with Lucifer out of the way, this misrepresentation and distortion of reality can be set straight, and the Satanic influence abated.

Ultimately, through the meeting of minds and spirit, will occur the dissolution of religious conceptions, as the earth enters a new enlightenment as a result of the exchanges.

After omegapoint, the object at the end of time and history, the eschaton will loom, and it's impending revelation will become a source of tension and anticipation.

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 06:37 PM
So, given that outline, anyone got any ideas?

All contributions are welcome. What I would like to accomplish here with this thread, is to get the entire framework laid out, including the world and it's rules, as well as the plot, characters, setting, etc. etc.

If and when this becomes a book, all contributors will be given credits.

Best Regards,


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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 01:40 AM
reply to post by OmegaPoint

I thought it was pretty good, but I guess you don't get much support or feedback in this forum..

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 02:35 PM
You do get some feedback here.

My initial reaction was . . . "Wow!"

Sometimes you see things that are so well put together already that they
may not be improved with your add-on. Yours was one of those.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by SIEGE

Thank you so much. It's said that the meaning of communication is the response you get, and I needed that for encouragement, to know that I really could be a great writer of psy-fi if I put my mind to it.

It's means SO much. Thank you.

I think I would dedicate my first book in part, to you my first reader who said "Wow!".

Kind Regards,


posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 10:21 AM
reply to post by OmegaPoint

Yes, I have to agree enjoyable and very well organized! Which is key to any story, organization and rasy transitions.
Awesome job my friend.

Keep it up,

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