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Solidarity - enemy of EU?

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posted on May, 17 2009 @ 01:44 PM
in 2 weeks time, it will be a 20th aniversary of the first free elections in Poland. that elections started the collapse of the communism in Europe. the round table talks between the comunistic party and Solidarity leaders which led to the elections started in April 1989. Solidarity movement has finished a Cold War.

short story of the movement here:

but it seems that Germany and the some of the old EU members did not want to remember about it. the most recent evidence is a special clip produced by EU for the 20th aniversary. in the clip the Solidarity is not even mentioned. you can only see very clearly the breaking the wall in Berlin. but this was already in November. so why the wall, not the Solidarity?

maybe because the Solidarity as a movement today do not like all the socialistic ideas created in EU. maybe.

but I belive that more possible is a different scenario.
Poland is still an opponent to Russia. Poland has supported the Ukraine movement, the Bielarussian opposition, the Georgia fighting to protect its borders against russian army.

so maybe it is not too comfortable for Berlin for world to remember Poland as a country which has finised the Cold War (of course Solidarity would not have a chance to do so without the John Paul II, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thacher, but still...).
when the world will remember the Berlin Wall as a symbol of Cold War Ending, it is going to be much more difficult to accuse the Germany for having the secret deal with Moscow (reminds a little of WWII deal BTW).

what the deal is?
is about the gas. it is about the Nord Stream. it is about the control and money. it is about everything. read here:

look here for more info:

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