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Psychopathic-by-Definition Torturers

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 09:37 AM
Here's latest blog entry; inspired by 2 or 3 recent threads here:

On probably the most important level, if anyone at whatever point in the future should inquire what THE secret being kept during our time, and throughout our known history, was/is, it would be sadism. It's more prevalent than the public realizes or admits to. The current system is designed primarily not to offend THE lowest of the low. True sadists (not the reasonable appreciater of dark humor) or psychopaths basically have free reign here; or now. To say one could plant a sadist on every street corner on the planet would unfortunately apparently be an understatement. (I've never been exactly clear on the difference between a psychopath and sociopath; if really any. Whichever, said pathologicals have a certain deadness-nothingness inside, completely lacking remorse, or sometimes closely enough, that most of us can scarcely fathom; if at all).

Yes, psychopaths (currently) control the government (therefore media), though those we see on TV (with virtually certain exceptions like Dick Cheney) aren't the ones in charge. The sheeple (TV) media can't even utter the WORD psychopath! So, no # that a "natural" result of 2 illegal, trumped-up wars would be the most hardcore, cold-blooded #tiest of the #ty being in charge of prisoners (however often) in at least one of the occupied countries. Like attracts like. Psychopaths, like the general population, range from very smart to very stupid.

I only hope what Seymour Hersh (Washington Post) is now reporting somehow isn't true: Does (or did?) the Pentagon have a tape of children (boys) being sodomized in front of mothers or other adult women? Is THAT what Lindsey Graham (Republican Senator from SC) saw?! He told reporters, "The American public needs to understand we're talking about rape and murder here. We're not just talking about giving people a humiliating experience." (Am dating myself to the freshness of the ghastly news). Oh, may the universe-multiverse be with the at least reasonably righteous.

Even IF the most recently leaked (on ATS, for one) example of Hellpit "America" proves false, there's still been enough high pathology in and concerning Iraq and Afghanistan to support my thesis. 9/11 was the most blatant inside job in history. Osama bin Laden has been dead at least a few years. Wake up!!

It's plain to see they're/you're (still) torturing people, at least in large enough part, to get confessions that support their/your psychotic fairy tales. What greater Hell in the universe could there possibly be? And I'd wager the recent mass murder-wounding at the camp/post mental health clinic wasn't the result of mere PTSD. It was just one of the military's numerous enough psychopaths who lost it (assuming it wasn't part of a hidden agenda). Usually they're/you're able to keep their/your detached "cool."

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 10:10 AM
if so many of these guys made it into the elite they must be doing something right.... really the shame should fall on us #right thinking# people who let them get there.

haha but really they aren't psychopaths, thats just crazy talk. Sure some of them might be, however the idea that the world is made up of 'normal people' and 'freaks' it quiet simply childish. The brain doesn't have a switch that makes people feel remorse, it's all part of the subliminal brain - a construct of our logical pathways. Sure brain chemisty does dictate a persons behavior to a degree but for modern humans practically our whole being is learnt response to the world.

To say a psychopath, sociopath or general psychotic doesn't feel remorse, regret, etc is like saying a balloon doesn't get effected by gravity. The clinical psychotic is detached from his emotional response, for some (often traumatic or biological) reason he doesn't trust his subliminal brain. However a 'normal person' can quiet easily be made to perform 'psychotic' actions; think of the charge of the light brigade, the trench rushes of the somme, the kamakazi and the ji'hadists. Political, religious, moral or social pressure can quiet easily convince a 'normal person' to break any and all of his 'normal rules.'

THIS is why our political and business leaders appear to be so biologically flawed, because the social and systemic mold which has formed them into the shape the need to be to reach the 'elite' is highly flawed. We are forcing anyone in a position of power into being a totally detatched, cold blooded despot - the rallying call used today is 'think of the children' and 'protect the economy' around it have built such a web of power struggles, politik games, customs, traditions and superstisions that it seems to most people to be 'just how it is' and nothing can be done.

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 10:15 AM
What about Sociopaths? I'm pretty sure thats the prerequisite for becoming a police officer or a member of the armed services.

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by NatureBoy

True that the same cold-blooded effect, or close enough, can be induced with VERY heavy indoctrination-brainwashing. The kamikaze-suicide bomber route is totally different, though. Guys in Iraq almost always aren't VERY prone to "shell shock" or the like. They're just wanting to hear the latest rock and roll on their IPods... often enough.

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 10:33 AM
One thing the nwo will always win, because there are always going to be plenty of those who fit the profiles that will do anything and rationalise it, to be the good, when they are the evil.

What gets me is the people that do all these things like torture and other things recking people lifes, and then of they go on sunday to mass. Now what is that all about. If your a beast, thats fine, but why you going to mass on sunday if you are that way. That just shows you there is something wrong with those people, like social workers and police who do this.

Definition of true pathetic psycho. Somebody in social services or police who destory lifes during the week, and then goto mass on sunday.

What sort of world is it where people cannot work out what they do, and understand the massive contradiction.

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