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GOP governors and "states rights"

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 01:23 AM
With all the talk coming from the rightwing fringe of this "non partisan anti-two party" movement it appears folks have no issue falling right in line when GOP politicians play campaign trail. I tell ya by the least I would have thought fringers were smarter than this, but it appears its so damn easy to assure votes by just acting as if you give a damn, or if your serious about something. Take Texas governor Perry and South carolina governor Mark Sanford.

A year ago these two knew nothing of states rights, or what the constitution was, yep they just marched in line with the previous administration, especially since the leader of the "free world" then was a good ol' texas boy. Now its as if they were never party to any of the garbage spewed out from washington over the last 8years, yep and now they have the nerve to parade the term "independence" as they are of any seriousness about it.

Republican Gov. Rick Perry said Thursday that he expects to see a number of states follow his home state of Texas in pushing resolutions that will “assert their independence from the federal government.”

“If this administration gets its way, we’ll all be the same. We’ll all be the way Washington wants us to be,” Perry said on a call with Gov. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) and roughly 20,000 callers, which was sponsored by the Republican Governors Association and billed as Tea Party 2.0.

Asked by a caller about his support for a Texas state House resolution reaffirming the state's sovereignty under the 10th amendment, Perry said that the issue “goes right to the heart of what the tea parties are all about.”

Read more: "Rick Perry: States will 'assert their independence' - Andy Barr -" -

Anybody with half a brain could figure out that these governors are using the fringe movement as a way to gain political points come election time. Now I know that inevitably the rightwing "teabaggers" pushing for gun, state and tax rights are most probably former and current GOP supporters, and will inevitibly be right behind the polls picking their GOP candidates come election time, regardless of what political stunt is pulled. That being said if most of the folks at these tea parties intend to be taken seriously when they proclaim "non partisanship" they'd publically make it known they dont buy the campaign talk these two governors are spewing out there. Atleast if your going to march on your own against washington DC "on all accounts" folks wouldnt allow themselves to be fools playing into the hands of GOP opportunists and Fox news. Unfortunately for most of these teabaggers "once a core hard GOP supporter, always one" and now we have the minority fringe parading these two political opporunist now.

For all the talk of "states rights" and outrage over "Washington" expressed by these governors, and their claims of a supposed consensus in their states against the stimulus package, Texas still accepted $11 billion of the stimulus money while South Carolina accepted $700 million of those funds. One would swear the governors states would be right behind em' in the way they mouthed against the Obama administration and their "rights to independence", it appears not so.

Perry, a close friend and former sidekick to dubya during his governorship of texas years had no issue of the unconstitutal garbage carried out by the Bush administration and had no issue raising state franchise taxes back in 06'. While I personally have no issue with that, for a self proclaimed fiscal conservative one would not be happy with such a rise. As for Sanford, a possible GOP candidate for 2012 and somebody who rejected the stimulus, but later accepted it, excepting for the 9.5% unemployed in his state, these guys sure dont walk the talk when its about their own states or about care regarding independence. Sanford prior to the fiasco appeared to be one of those few pure GOP politicians out there, however it appears his build up on "political stunts" have just begun.

If the rightwing fringe wish to be taken serious on the topic of the constitution and states rights they by the least not buy the political stunts GOP politicans and Fox news are trying out here. Atleast then the rest of us will know there is some part of the rightwing fringe movement that are pure and beyond cheesy patronizing tactics.

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posted on May, 16 2009 @ 02:42 AM
Of course.... I figured Perry and the others were simply doing their job -- what the people wanted them to do. I know, how naive to think that way. It would be a first, afterall.

It did make me lose so much respect for Perry and the governors claiming state rights, and state sovereignty, to just accept those hand-outs from the fed.

I was figuring not long ago, that there was probably something in the agreements that would prevent any -real- 'sovereignty', when a state takes the dirty money from the Fed. I just don't understand. Texas might have really made a statement to the Fed, and the rest of the US and world, if they did not accept the debt.... They are as owned as the rest of us.

I just know there is something in the agreement, when a state accepts the bribe money, that sovereignty is no longer ever able to happen.... The Conspiracy Theorist in all of us knows it.


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