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sharing my dream so I dont forget

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 02:19 PM
This morning I had the best/scariest/exciting/etc dream yet. Sadly I didn't write it down right away and even as we speak it is slowly fading from my memory. So I figured here would be a good place to share it.

It begins as most of my dreams do. In an medieval setting. It was midday and I was with another man and woman of about mid twenties. I remember a bird of some type (maybe a hawk or eagle) flying around, I remember the smell of the pine trees, and the cool breeze of a waterfall. I also remember that the three of us were running for our lives. From what I don't remember, but then aren't we all running from some unknown evil in our dreams. We ran for so long I remember thinking to myself is this all there is to life, running.

At this point there is a weird transition. Almost like a movie effect. The three of us,still running, begin to blur. Through the blur I remember seeing different periods of time. What periods and who was there I can't recall. Now outside the dream I have begun to wonder was this my brain's way of speeding up the dream to the present time, or were these people jumping dimensions or time traveling to escape the evil. Logically, if there is logic in a dream, I think it was my brain's way of speeding up events.

Now the three of us are in a present day house. We are at a table with a handful of other unknown people. I am arguing with one gentlemen about something that I can't remember. Behind him is a guy that looks on edge. As the first guy and I argue the edgy guy pulls out a .50cal Desert Eagle, puts it to my forehead and fires. This happens so fast no one has time to react. As I am falling backwards I see my arms and legs shoot out in front of me, I see my two friends and others jumping from there chairs and screaming, I also notice that everything has slowed down( as is the case in most life threatening situations). As I am falling I thought to myself so this is what is like to be shot and dieing. When I hit the floor I realized I felt the impact. At this point time resumes its normal speed. Thinking that I am dead I begin to wonder way everyone is just staring at me, and this is not what I expected of death. Feeling something like tape stuck to my forehead I was sure it was blood and gore, but why could I still feel it? I reached up to my forehead and felt something warm and hard. Now I knew it was blood and gore. As I removed the gore from my forehead I looked at it and it was the smashed .50cal bullet. I know knew why everyone was starving at me. Some how the bullet crushed itself against my forehead. My surprise and the impact from a high caliber weapon were the reason I fell off the chair. From this point I got up and preceded to test out this new found strength on the person that fired. After a few seconds of this fighting I woke up with a start and sweating......

I wish I could express in words what it was like to stare down the barrel and watch the bullet come at me, and then the slowing of time and falling. This part of the dream is still very vivid in my mind where as the other parts are beginning to fade.

Now I am not looking for a evaluation. I just wanted to write this down before I lost it forever. Any comment or concerns are all ways appreciated though.

On a side note it maybe the really nice weather or the completion of my first final, but for some reason I feel better then I have in a long time. I can almost say I have had a euphoric feeling most of the day.

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 05:08 PM
reply to post by hILB3rT

I found your dream very interesting, I to have had vivid dreams ( a set of 3 )where i could smell and touch. Only you can say what the dream means because they are YOUR dreams. I hope you find an answer so you can rest your head on how come you are so happy to be alive!!!.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by jean59

Thanks for the reply. I all ways found dreams to be interesting. This one in particular I felt I should share. I suppose with the way the economy and everything else is going these days all we can really do is be happy we are still alive. One thing I would like to explore further is who the man and woman were. They seemed pretty important in the dream but I can not place who they would represent in the waking world. As I think back on the dream it almost feels as if either I was protecting them or they were protecting me. Its a dream though it could have been anything I suppose.


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