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1976 Swine Flu Propaganda!!! MUST SEE!!!

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posted on May, 5 2009 @ 04:06 PM
link this is a video from 1976 which actually says swine flu is coming! now why in 1976 would they be talking about a type of flu that when it struck now they had no idea about, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm another piece of the puzzle maybe?? peace

posted on May, 5 2009 @ 04:44 PM
There was a swine flu outbreak in 76

From old newspapers

Capital Times swine flu as the most likely cause of the frightening Legionnaires Not until after tissues of the dead victims had been contaminated did the medical examiners turn to nickel poisoning as the probable cause sale and local physicians biologists chemists began a scientific search for the killer They followed the lead of the federal Center for Disease Control which directed all efforts toward the swine flu virus as the causal agent report the congressional inves Ye Thursday, October 28, 1976 Madison, Wisconsin

High Point Enterprise, The Flu Vaccine Funds Requested WASHINGTON AP Fearing an epidemic of flu deaths next winter dent Ford is asking Congress fur million to finance production of enough vaccine lu protect 200 million Americans against a outbreak of swine flu virus The President said he wants the supplemental appropriation passed before the lawmakers April recess so lhat by the end of November nearly every American citizen can be from the virus which took 20 million lives around the world i Thursday, March 25, 1976 High Point, North Carolina

Anderson Daily Bulletin Swine Flu Committee gives strong evidence against massive swine flu immunizations even though it takes no official position on the nationwide innoculation program And committee chairman Dr Robert L Parr who represented Indiana at a national swine flu planning conference at the Center for Disease Control CDC in Atlanta has labeled the immunization program a false alarm I think it's right to make the vaccine and to have it Parr said but to give it I thin Wednesday, September 29, 1976 Anderson, Indiana


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