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Help explain this was so real it was scary

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 07:14 PM
Right here we go my i'll give you a overview. i went round to my m8s for some drinks and at the end of the night i went up stairs to sleep.

Then my dream started how can i describe what i saw : it was like i pull back some curtains and it was look straight down a raod like my house in smack in the middle of it and theres police running around helicopters. swat teams dgos smoke. gangs fights all out side and this was scary because i saw it all in detail even a helicopter flying over my head which was so close. i then thought i have to get and and went down stairs and there were 3 police men with guns pointing at me say your going no where and your too late son. i started to get mad pushed one and tryed to take him out. i had no look and grabbed my BOB and jumped out my other window upstairs in to my garden which was a forest for some reason. i ran and ran but i could hear speakers shout stop him stop him now. bullets flying over my head then i heard that your to late son

then i woke up in a sweats and with tears in my eyes i was crying because i thought i i had been to late and i had lost my life, rights and pride. i know it was a dream but it was so real it scared me.

it was like martial law/ civl war

has any one else had the dream. has any one else had a dream soo real it cant be just a dream.

i delayed posting about this because i am still trying to fignure out what happend and why ect.

many thanks

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by thecrow001

House = you
Garden = aspect of your life

the police or law enforces around you are your subconscous telling you something, or a boss or parent telling you something. What is going on around your house is your subconscious telling you how you are feeling at the moment. Instead of a house make it YOU the picture and instead of police, put in boss, family, and older wiser version of you etc whoever has authority/wisdom over you.

The smoke is you cant see things clearly at all in life right now. The dogs can represent danger, but I'd say more likely its your subconcious 'guarding' you and the police are your subconcious. As they follow you into the forrest I assume its your wiser self speaking to you. You cant run away from you.

"Your going nowhere and your too late son " has your father said this to you lately? Or someone with auth. like a boss?" OR ITS A FEAR YOUR TELLING YOURSELF, NOT A COPPER.

You either are desperate to flee your home or financial or relationship situation or your work or study etc.

The garden being a forrest is indicative of your life being out of control in some aspect. We can create a garden, just like we can control and create our lives. A garden is usally controlled manicured, and unkempt garden like a forrest means that you are not cultivating and controlling an aspect of your life. But remember that your life is like a garden, you make it look as you wish. You have to work hard on a garden to keep it clean, and tidy and the flowers thriving, same with all parts of life, you have to work hard to keep them thriving

It may also represent you are fleeing from money trouble. This is not a psychic dream, this is a very healthy dream and I hope you listen to you telling yourself where your life is at .
Good luck and remember, youre life is exactly where you put it right now. You can control it like agarden ...And nothing is EVER too late for you son.

You're the boss of you

Zazzy F


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