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Nibiru Dream i had early morning [NOT CREATIVE WRITING] 1/5/2009

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 07:24 PM
I was having a wrestless sleep due to my night light being on next to bed and was finding it hard to concentrate getting to bed this was about 1.30am in the morning, so i got out of bed turned it off then proceeded to fall asleep.

I slowly drifted off to sleep, then I start to dream.

1st Part of Dream
My dream starts with me standing in what looks like a football field and im standing out on the field, there are hordes of people around. They all appear to be watching the skys and appear in joyful spirits. I start to walk around the field within the people but I cannot recollect what any of them said to me unfortunetely..

As I approach what i believe to be the N/E part of the field there appears to be a band playing (i think its the eagles or zz top, very weird because i dont listen to these bands) and theres what looks like a holding frame that should be accommodating a massive 10metre x 5metre projector screen but theres no screen there. Then i stand there looking at this massive frame and i see what looks like a holigram of the band playing. Curious i walk around the band into where the frames is, "yup" i say to myself "its a holigram -interesting". I sit there and marvel at it for little bit of time.

After im content from watching this holigram i have a feeling to look towards the NNE, as to expect to see something emerge in the sky. I see the moon off to my right hand side a little more to the east (the directions of NESW are a feeling in the dream thats how i've determined them. I watch, then slowly from the dark blue dusky sky i see a deep red/orange planet emerge slowly into view. It seems to be still at long distance from our planet way further then the moon. A feeling of confusion, slight fear and excitement overcome me, i run back to the crowd of people and tell - "LOOK TO THE SKY ITS PLANET NIBIRU" (i find this embarrising)

A birds eye view of my dream

Part 2 next.

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