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BEWARE: The Swine Flu is a Tool for Police State

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 09:43 AM
I'm reading all these news about a potential massvie outbreak of the swine flu. In case that things get on the emergency mode and governments of many countries declare a State of Emergency, the first thing they will tell to people is to not make any public gathering for days, or even weeks, and stay in their homes.

This is BS. The authorities are totally aware that once they get rid of the possiblity of public gatherings this is deeply facilitate their takeover of the streets by troops, and police raiding houses one by one without any major resistance.

Gatherings are one of the last remaining defenses we've got against a Police State, as if YOU stay in your home for the next 1-2 weeks the next thing you gonna see when you go outside again is an orwellian nightmare. They've been prepared for decades for such a scenario, and in the last few years everything went to its final steps for a fascist totalitarian regime to come out upfront, taking over all aspects of public and private life to a point that it will be irreversible.

So stay outside, go take a regular walk in the bushes with your friends and neighbors to discuss what happening, what info and resources they got and what to do next (i.e. to organize). If you do not follow their fear propaganda you can save your ass.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 10:05 AM
Whoa! That's a bit of an overeaction to a mild outbreak of an otherwise weak-to-mild, currently non-virulent form of the flu, isn't it?

I mean, on average each year you have about 36,000 people in the US die from the flu or flu-related complications (link).

So far there's been 200ish -- if even - that result isn't accurate based on what the WHO suggests (link)

I don't think this is any sort of govt cover up for a police state or experimental flu virus to control the population. It's just another flu outbreak and the media, the scum that they are, have lept on the FUD bandwagon and just sensationalise the reports for their own ratings.

However I do acknowledge that their could be higher fatalities from it (the flu) in some areas/countries where the infrastructure for health, sanitation aren't developed to that of a first world country. But that doesn't mean the flu itself is any more potent. It only means it's easier for it to propagate and spread due to lack of decent hygiene.

So remember folks, wash your hands before you pick your nose!

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 10:55 AM
1.) Whether or not this is flu, whether or not it is deadly, does not matter until later

2.) The MSM is hyping this like crazy, causing people to panic/feel worried, etc

3.) Because of #2, no one says a peep when WHO raises to Level 4

4.) More hype by MSM

5.) Because of #4, no one says a peep when WHO raises to Level 5

6.) More hype by MSM

7.) Because of #6, no one says a peep when WHO raises to Level 6 (in our near future)

8.) More hype by MSM, more cases of SUPERBUG, more "deaths" reported

9.) Calls for vaccines, anything, HELP HELP HELP

10.) They implement Martial Law at a pretty rapid clip, it won't SOUND like Martial Law, because it will be veiled in words like "restricted travel due to pandemic", "quarantine", "mandatory vaccinations"

11.) Now, we know that once the gov't HAS a power, they won't let it go, hello dictatorship!! Whee, REAL DOOM!

******Now see, up to this point, it doesn't matter if flu is real or not, the MSM is scaring people to accept martial law disguised as a medical emergency******

******END GAME - SCENARIO A******
Flu isn't real, we've given up our freedoms and they exterminate the populace in some other fashion

******END GAME - SCENARIO B******
Flu/SUPERBUG IS real, we've given up our freedoms and part of the populace is wiped out

The elite have told us time and time again that they want to depopulate the earth (Rockefeller, Georgia Guidestones, I'm sure people can come up with 100's of examples).

So, you see, it doesn't matter if the flu is real or not, the result is going to be the same.

posted on May, 16 2009 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by Echtelion
I believe you are right.

Here is a link to a free 201 e-book explaining how this is all coming about.

Very interesting reading.


To save go to the above link and right click "save target as" save the book and read it at your leisure.

Now, start researching all the microbiologists that have "met fatal incidences" over the past decade. See my other posts, this is all inter connected.

Something is being set up and put into place to "control the population" within a unified NEW WORLD ORDER POLICE STATE within the near future.

ALSO, Ted Turner contributed something like 2 billion dollars to the UN. Hmmmmm NOBODY gives that much money away without expecting loyality in return.

Ted Turner controls the bulk of the news media - he controls our news.

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