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Intense Dreams... WWIII and Several Alien Species

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 01:21 AM
I'm not sure if people believe or are into this kind of thing, I have alot to say, and I'm concerned about saying things becuase people tend to think your nuts. Let the BS silence and pass. Here we go. Theres so much I'm going to put it into sections for easer reading. I need to get this out for some reason, to multiple people.

The beginning, from a young age, they came.

I awoke from sleep feeling fuzzy and dreamy with white light shinning out from my window, I went into the throws of intense fear when I realised I couldn't move my body. I fought with all my strength and dropped to the floor and used my arms to crawl to the hallway, and I blacked out. When I woke up in the morning I was on
the floor in a different room.

Another time before bed, I couldn't sleep and I could hear footsteps in the kitchen and living room, A thought came into my mind saying it was time to sleep and I remember getting sleepy and blacking out.

I started having dreams of seeing creatures in my room that would never usually communicate with me, cold, they would hide and almost stalk me, until they started to develope a more intimate relationship with me, I call them my Grays.

Thoughts in my mind
Thinking that I was a normal boy, I used to have "friends" that I would talk to in my mind to the point that I didn't realise I was doing it over time, and it became a second nature. We talked about things I would talk to a family member, like daily problems and concerns that I was having like problems fitting in, going to school, meeting other kids, and analizing behavour that I would relay back in these conversations. They allways tried to comfort me, like a friend or family would. He never directly taught me anything, but I could feel that immense information would allways exchange and take place, because after I would ask a question in my mind, I would allways get answers back with very accurate information. And alot of my question's pertained to behavour and psychology and earth related issues.
I allways thought that it was my guardian angel and as I got older I started wondering where this person was from. I asked the question, where are you from? I got the reply, "From the stars" Intruiged, I said "Where exactly from the stars?" He said "Sirius". I looked it up and found it to be a real star system. "What did you think lool?" Is the reply that I would get. They liked to joke alot also and they would not answer certain question's, I would sometimes demand at times to have questions answered regarding my progress in my life. They wouldn't reply, and it was then that I started to understand that they wont get invovled with my life directly, only indirectly, until the time was right, and I fully excepted and understood this.

More into the Greys
The first time I noticed the more intimate side of the relationships to the greys, I saw a star come to me and land in my driveway and it asked me to come with him, and feeling an all to familiar fear, I promply said no. He tried to presuade me and failed. I did not like these ones and I would pray for shields to protect me, from god and my ET friends. So I started having dreams where I meet the greys but never see them, and they start more communication with me, mostly pertaining to having me agree to donate my DNA to them. They would start converstaions with me when I was awake asking me for a "price". I used to say I want a scout ship, and they allways said "No, we can't do that". And a few times I asked to achieve telekinesis powers, and they said nothing.

I dreamed my g/f looked out the window and saw a star and for me to come see it. She ran back to me on the bed and said its getting bigger. Within minutes a red light floored the whole room and 2 greys materalized as we ran to the door and then black.

In one dream I saw greys coming through my window so I ran to the hallway and punched one and watched it hit the ground. I felt too strong, and I hurt him bad. I black out again, and the next memory I have is on a mothership and I was given a scout ship and I flew around the solor system, with them in my mind controlling me. Next memory I was back on the mothership and running down a halling trying to get away. I took a scout ship and flew back to earth on my own, it was going so fast it was scary and I remember the ground coming to me so fast that I thought I was going to hit it, but I stopped just before the ground. They didn't like what I did. That was the end of it.

The reptilians
One dream I heard and felt this very very deep low thundering humming noise and I had this out of nowhere, extremely intense fear, to the point that I was clutching my stomach and kneeling to the ground about to throw up. I looked out the window and saw a very large part of a black object that seemed to be much larger than our house and moving really slow like it was landing. From my perspective it must have been from the side. I was so scared the next thing I remember, Im walking up a ramp without knowing why and seeing 2 reptilian type beings standing there, then black, and next thing I know they are in a room with me trying to teach me telekinesis, and teach me to understand how it works. I remember him saying to feel the object in my fist and to connect that feeling to my mind and imagine it moving while using a great amount of strength to get it moving off the table and up and down for a short while. It made me tired and my hand sore, from clenching my fist so hard.

Reptile experince continued on page 2 and more including WWIII, past lives, and the meetings.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 02:20 AM
where do i find page 2 ? i simply must hear more
please continue

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 02:24 AM
I dreamed i was sitting in my bed then i grabbed a glass of water and i could see some hidden text in the bottom of the glass i carefully inspected the glass it said "Wake up you are dreaming too much"


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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 02:31 AM
The reptilians continued
I had one other dream that I was on a very humid jungle planet and was in a line of other people that was leading up to a bath, one of the other people started talking to me telepathicly and told me they can hear and didn't want to speak. I got him to finally explain what was going on, he said it was a DNA bath where they can extract your DNA from when you sit in it. I was not happy with this so I stepped out of line and walk to the side. I felt like I was being watched and I got feelings and thoughts full of anger, like I cant be doing this. I noticed a hooded being in the distance who was looking right into my eyes and he gave me thoughts of death and that he was coming, I knew I had to leave and now. I ran into another hooded being who took my hand and next thing I know I'm flying very very fast through space to home. I remember feeling very safe, like I couldn't be caught.

I continued to have deja vu dreams for awhile about thinking these guys are right around the corner but I never interact or communicate with them.

Things start to get more spiritual, intense, and serious...

More intense dreams, WWIII, The Meetings
In this one dream I was standing in rubble in the middle of a city at night, and I was with this beige colored being who was speaking through me, he/she didn't say anything execpt for the intentions of wanting to show me a window into a possible future, that I felt intensely.

I had another dream where I meet this women who lives in a house on earth and she told me she is from the Pleiades, and to prepare for contact. I started seeing these little streaks of light and orbs appearing all around me, from all around infront of a crowd, everyone became excited and happy and I told everyone what was going on and what they were, and they understood.

I woke up one day and within a couple mintues I got these strong intension of something, I dont know what, something is going to happen now, and its conclusion is coming very soon. Later that day, I was praying outside and looking up, and after I finished I saw a bright white/blue oval looking object shining like a diamond that looked extremely close to me with a streaking tail about 15 feet behind. It happend so fast, in about 3 seconds after moving 30-40 feet it was gone. Like someone just switched off a light it was so fast. This object was close enough for me to notice a slight parallel trajectory moving away and past me so it was hard to tell how far it travelled.

In one dream I'm on a ship with a bunch of children sitting around watching a video play on a large screen, they are being taught about earth and its cultures. I send down to earth at this point and walk around all day and at night I goto a field and start invisioning my friends with the intentions of being ready to go back. Nothing happens for awhile and finally after time, I light beams down ontop of me and gives me a feeling of great calm and serenity and I start floating up through the light.

I had a dream where lights appear in the sky and show pictures with dots of a picture of a mans face, with words that say "We have taken out an illuminati leader, rejoice and unite". Around people start cheering and little swiggly curvy lines appear and move all around like little fairies.

Past live experience
I started having dreams of me in another body, that I knew was me, in a ship and encoutering a planet which I land and meet a girl whom I fall inlove with. I remember having to tell her that I must leave, and I was getting ready. She was crying and holding on to me and I felt like she was dying inside, and I felt intense sorrow and greif. I woke up in tears and couldn't stop crying really hard for an hour. The coolest factor I remember of this ship was a deck that was like all see through from every angle, and you could go into this room and it was like floating with the stars. Even the floor was see through, you couldn't see any type of material or walls anywhere, I found this romantic.

Another interesting dream
This one dream I die and go through a light and move up towards the stars like I was being pulled to a ball that had a dolphin outlined around it. I go halfway through this circle so I can see into it and its like a portal to a planet with bright looking grass and plants and other beings frolicing
about. 3 beings come to me and block me from coming any closer, they say to me that its not my time yet. I wake up.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 02:42 AM
More WIII Dreams
I had this one dream where soldiers were wearing a red flag rush out from a train station and other soldiers start to engage and fire rings out.

One dream that I had last night where me and my family are on our boat and I'm looking out to the land from the ocean and I start to see explosions and planes fly overhead and dogfight. I remember watching a friendly destroy an enemy plane and I was excited.

In the last dream I will talk about right now, ships start appearing in huge numbers above the city and there could be no other evidence, that prove the existance of ets like that.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 08:46 PM
If you want to have a form of contact, put out positive intentions, and gaze into the eyes of the stars. Enjoy the beauty of space on a clear night. Focus on the feeling of peace and love and find that song from within your heart. What do you feel in this space? What do you want to see occur? What are you trying to learn? Nothing eles matters in this moment, its only you and the stars and how you feel. You can feel inside how you care, think of the most wonderful things, your children, babies, children playing, animals, the trees and mountians, the ocean, flowers. Find your place of joy and your on the right track. Have fun and let me know if you have any experiences, what they mean to you.
These video's may help your spirit. Bring this into your heart and feel your soul. You might feel lightheaded and tingly. Breath in your nose and out through your mouth. Invision a light coming into your forehead/third eye and breath out from your mouth all the junk.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 09:31 PM
I had a dream that me and my brother were running away from police or some kind of military. Then later on, i had a dream I was escaping from my house away from the police and they had a helicotper. Idk. I just figured i would thro that out there. I dont kno if it is important.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 10:02 PM
I had a dream, two actually. In one dream I stood at the bottom of a very tall wall that was broken down and looked old. I sensed something about water. I heard a voice that said to me. If they rebuild the walls of Kartoum, they shall be a great people again. When I woke up later that day I looked up Kartoum and found that it is in the Sudan and part of an ancient and prosperous kingdom with high walls and on the Nile river.

The second dream I had, we were invaded by beings from somewhere beyond our earth in space. They were killing every human and conquering the planet. We hid in a small house but they found us. They were about to kill us when one of the beings saw an old record player and asked me to explain it to them and it's use. I said only if you let us live and tell us the secret of how you can travel the stars. he told me it was powered by "transient flow" that came from behind the ship. I awoke. I looked up "transient flow" and found it to be a true scientific and mathamatical term.

On greys, I say this all the time. They are not friends, they are enemies of everyone. They are using our DNA to make a replacement hybrid race. They plan to eterminate the rest of us when they have completed their agenda. But they will fail because an even greater force than they is coming who is the Christ, and he will destroy them and those of mankind who oppose Him.

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posted on May, 10 2009 @ 12:08 PM
this seams very interesting

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 01:59 AM
Hi Cyrus. I am not sure if you are serious. I am. I have had dreams similar to what you say myself. In one dream I remember being shown a black book with black pages and in the pages is animation. The pages turn but its very visual moving like stars in accelerated time and life forms one like a Water Mellon with slits in it that puffed in and out and a hole at each end. A voice was explaining each page to me. Thats all I remember of that. Reminded me of the class room you described.

A more important point you startled me in one. Is a memory or a dream I don't know which. I remember being in space and it was like I was floating in the stars also. If I was interested in any little distant object "a comet" its image would be fully blown up to full size for my inspection. I could not see the ship but knew I was in a ship. We were passing a planet in our solar system and I noticed a dark space station behind the shadow of a planet. I asked what it was. I was told it was a secret. It was some where out in our outer rings and I think stays behind the shadow of that planet. I am not sure if this is possible or logical again this is a strange memory or a dream.

Another dram I had was about grays and telekinesis. I woke up in the dream and I see a dead grey laying next to me. I wonder if I have killed it . I am baffled to find my self next to a dead grey. I am under house floor boards. I hear scuffling above me and something dragging on the floor. I hear a voice say "(My name) they have your brother". (this voice that warned me I have heard it before also in other dreams some that were related to reality dealing with the occult or some thing like an alien presence that fled at Jesus name when I was in the Army long story not told here) At this I become infuriated and come out from under the floor of the house. As I came up I was in wonder at the beauty of the stars. The sky was amazing. However the landscape was absolutely war torn. Houses blown to bits ect. the house I was under was half blown away. I could see where 2 walls were left standing there was a door that was just closing. I ran for the door again infuriated and opened it. Nothing so I look to my left and see a black image against the amazing star back drop and I instinctively reach out and tele-kinetically grab the ufo in my rage and begin pushing it to the ground. I can hear the loud hum of the engines roaring against me and I am fighting with everything I have like I really believe they are going to kill my brother. I get it to the ground and it is scraping on asphalt and sparks are flying and I suddenly feel like I am going to rip it open when I suddenly awake. I know this was a dream because I remember having it and I woke with the most terrible head ache but some how I caused it by using muscles in my head because it was rapidly subsiding but I must have been using everything I had cause it really hurt. I still don't know exactly what to make of that dream but I asked God and I got that maybe this is the war we are fighting for our brothers and these preys represented the enemy who wants to take our brothers as food or something. I was still baffled by the telekinesis but figure that it might be symbolic of the power of prayer in the spiritual realm.

I got lots more of really weird dreams Ive had and if there is meaning to them I wish I knew it all. Truly amazing some of the dreams. In one dream I see this amazing alien city but its all one building like a tic tac toe grid with arches in the walls which flying cars fly through and people walk on the top. Very tall structure.

The dream where I heard that voice was some guy said he was pagan was up in my platoon doing stuff I was asleep found my self being locked in a red lined sphere in sleep and voice came to me said "(My name) im taking you out of here". Formed a ship around me and we flew to edge of sphere at edge breaking sound flash. There is more to this story.

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 02:09 AM
Well I woke from the dream at that bang and flash and right at that moment there was an unnatural fear I could feel. Hair raising projected type. But I had to piss so jumped off my bunk and passed the guys. Drill Sargents would have gotten them in trouble had they known they up that late at night was 3am. Was taking a leak in latrine and realized no fear so walked back to my bunk and felt my self pass into a perfect sphere shape around my bed (top bunk) of fear (hair raising projected type). I stepped back and felt my self pass out of it. I stepped forward and felt my self step into it. I said to it at that moment I recognize what you are and command you to go in the name of Jesus and worshiped God and called down his angels around the room. Then I took a step froward and it was gone just like that so I went to bed. But I never forgot the physical feel of that perfect sphere shape around my bed of fear. I could sense it. It did flee as Jesus name I was taught at young age that Jesus name is spiritual authority which is why I used it and I had experienced holy spirit as a young kid. Can read about that in acts in Bible.

Figured since I brought it up about the voice I ought to share the incident. That was the strangest because it was connected to reality and significantly build up my confidence in my faith as well. That voice also was comforting that said "(My name) I'm taking you out of here" like it were a guardian angel or God or something.

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 02:45 AM
reply to post by DarkCyrus

Wow... Your dreams are amazing- and strangely like the ones I used to have.

To shorten it, when I was little, 8 to be exact. This was so real, I hate using the word 'dream' for this one- it just doesn't feel right...but in any case... I dreamed that I woke up with blue and red lights shining into my room. I thought it was the cops so I got up to look out of the window. To my amazement, there were space ships everywhere and little grays running towards my house. They were armed. I ran into the passage and looked through the passage window only to find more grays, one specific gray stared at me through the window for a couple of seconds. That's when I got scared and ran to my grandmothers bedroom. I asked her if I could sleep in her bed and she agreed with a confused and startled look on her face. As I lay down at the foot of her bed, I see a grays face in the mirror as if to say - " This won't be last you see of us"..... It felt like they left because I had awoken my grandmother and involved her.
The next morning, I woke up in my grandmothers bed- I must have been sleep walking while dreaming all of that.....???

Next dream.
I woke up on the couch at my mothers friends house (we were visiting there at the time)... because I saw a bright 'falling star'. I looked out the sliding door and saw a little boy standing there- he was expecting me. I knew he was the falling star and that was his way of travel. I asked how he did that, to which he explained that it was something along the lines of mind power.
I woke up. (My mothers friend and her boyfriend were having an argument, which woke me) Made something to eat and went back to sleep were the dream continued. I followed the boy as a beam of light or 'star' and ended up in space- I could see the entire planet earth in front of my eyes.... there were people all around it and the floors were see though. These 'floors' were weird. I was walking on them fine when I looked at my feet and noticed 'omg there is no floor'- I fell through it to the bottom floor. You could only walk on these 'see through' floors if you believed you could walk on them. The moment you doubt, you fall through. At the base of the earth there was a huge round table with people sitting in front of computers, controlling something. I was 15 when I dreamed this.

I have also had many cases of sleep paralysis and one of them involved a hooded being as you described. He was male, I just knew this. I could see no face as the hood was casting a black shadow over it. He tried to suffocate me.

Anyz, those are some of the dreams that had things in common with yours.

I have been having dreams of aliens since a very young age. I never used to dream about anything else. Now, I don't dream about them so much anymore, and even though it scared me sometimes, I still miss it. I feel like, maybe I have done something which has caused a 'block' of some sorts. It's difficult to explain. I wish I could get back my dreams.... I miss having contact- even if it wasn't real, only a dream....

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posted on May, 31 2010 @ 03:48 AM
Yeah I know what you mean. It seems to have been a while for me as well since I have had the dreams I usually have. I have also wondered why I haven't had them in a while. I do kinda miss them also but at the same time I find them startling because I'm not sure I fully understand what they mean. I have also had sleep paralysis. In fact its one of the most startling experiences I have had because it was some how deeply connected to reality for me. I had a buddy room mate who was into wicca, witchcraft and read the bible. I was in korea. He had a coven called the grey and a friend he brought over all the time. I was friendly to him but we seemed to of course have our differences but that never seemed to be an obstacle to being polite to each other. I do think he and his friend took interest in me. One night I suddenly found my self in a dream. I was in a chruch it was dark inside. There was light coming through the windows they were stained glass. There were faces in the windows made of stained glass and names below in some ancient text. I walked by each window with a different name and face and came to the pulpit and looked at all the windows. They all turned and looked at me and I felt a (projected fear from it). (I used to have a lot of night mares as a kid and prayed God would make me a warrior in my dreams after that I started becoming aware in certain dreams and using the name of Jesus in the dream which breaks the dream. My dad just had a similar experience with a dark cloud that tried to shake him like crazy and he used Jesus authority and it left him but was also stubborn) In my dream when I became aware because of the projected fear I rebuked the dream in Jesus name and I suddenly woke. I was paralyzed and seeing in black and white. Above me was a dark cloud very deep black in the center with silvery edges and continually billowing and bulging. I felt fear from it and a pressure being projected into me from it. I rebuked it in Jesus name. It was stubborn but it immediately started backing off and finaly left. When it was gone I got my color vision back and could move again. I felt fear in the room but worshiped God and the fear left so I went back to bed. I woke up that morning to a Sergeant yelling for me to clean my room and then close the door which was odd. That he just closed the door and was bothering me on a weekend but he was a sergeant so I piked up the room. I found a book of my room mates on the floor I had never seen called "Witchcraft and broomstick". I had never seen it so I decided to take a look. I flipped through it and found the writing style of the names in my dream in that book which surprised me. I thew it on his bed because it was his and continued picking up the room. Later on I met my room mate and he was visibly upset. I asked him what happened was he ok. He said (My name) do you know what you have done. I said I don't know what your talking about. He said my friend is in a coma. I asked how that had anything to do with me but he was so upset and souldn't talk to me. Later on I remember the 1st sgt being really upset and yelling at the company that some one had changed companies (Army) Camp Carroll. Later on I realized when my room mate was gone that that was him some how he moved companies he was so upset. But I was never able to get him to tell me what happened exactly. Later it hit me that the people in the windows were likely in the coven each with a name in that writing. They tried to contact me with that cloud I guess and I worried that when I chased it off it might have done something to their friend. I felt sorry for him. I thought if what I suspected were so they really don't understand what they are messing with thought I cant say I fully understand either just my experiences has been much better.

It was a strange experience because of how connected it was to the real world.

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