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swine flu right after G7 summit....

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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 02:30 PM
i just got this email, and sounds really fishy,

in the april 2nd G7 ( comprised of canada, italy, japan, germany, U.K, france and the U.S ) meeting in london, 2 fundamental conclusions were made.

!.- the world economy needed a change.
2.- the IMF would contribute 500 billion dollars to help new emerging economies.( poor countries willing to colaborate with them)

then came the private meeting between president Obama and Calderon from mexico between the 16 and 17 of april.
surprisingly on thursday april 23rd, president Calderon called up an emergency meeting, and by that night health secretary Jose Angel Cordova was anouncing on national TV the stae of emergency of a new influenza strain, and the measures, (school suspension in mexico city and mexico state).

on april 24 the G7 declares that the world economy should be jumpstarted this year.
on monday april 27 the pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis anounces a 100 million euro investement in a new vaccine manufacturing plantand that it would donate 236,000 doses to mexico as support for the containment effort.

that' the mail i did a bit of reading and all pieces fall well into place.

now, in the last 2 years big pharma has been struggling with the bad economy, if you don't make wars you create disease.

mexico is a perfect jumping point for world infection of any kind of disease not just this swine flu panic ( i live in mexico)

interestingly almost all countries in the G7 are strenghtening sanitary filters and had turists spreading the disease to their countries.


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