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Connections Between The Swine Flu And The Military Ressurecting The Spanish Flu

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posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 09:18 PM
Here's some interesting facts from

First, this particular virus subtype, H1N1, is what caused the 1918 pandemic that killed over 50 million people. Then it disappeared for a while. If a virus is too effective, it quickly kills itself off because people develop immunities to it.

Second, the US military was hard at work trying to resurrect the virus. This was well documented and public knowledge. In 2005 they were successful in recreating the virus.

Third, both the Swine Flu and the 1918 Spanish Flu are believed to cause death due to an immune reaction called a cytokine storm. There aren't a whole lot of diseases that cause this reaction.

Fourth, when the military was recreating the Spanish Flu, they didn't have the complete virus RNA. They were working to recreate it by filling in the missing pieces with similar strains. To quote New Scientist "the new virus comes from pigs, but some of its other genes come from bird and human flu viruses, a mixture that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls "very unusual"."

I'll let people draw their own conclusions, but the current outbreak is remarkably similar to the virus the military was working to recreate.

That being said, there's nothing to fear. If this were a real threat, thousands would be dead already. The Swine Flu has killed around 150 people. To put this in perspective, the regular flu virus that circulates every year kills well over 100,000 people. This "outbreak", like the avian flu, is not a real threat. It's media hype designed to keep people afraid and indoors, glued to their television sets. The fear and stress promoted by the media does far more damage to people's health that the Swine Flu.

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