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Humans Are Holograms?

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posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 02:14 PM
Hello all fellow ATS'rs,

Below I submit my hypothesis on the origin of humanity, matter, and spirituality. I've submitted this hypothesis for peer review within the ATS community and welcome any and all feedback regarding it. please feel free to criticize it, add to it, or exchange ideas relating to my hypothesis, or discuss it in general.

Also, on a side note I have typed this really quickly. some of it might make no sense because I have lost my train of though and or simply skipped over parts of my hypothesis accidently. So forgive me if some of the thread or post seems non sequiter. also, forgive my spelling, something I have always been weak in.

I feel all of the material world is a hologram. Even us humans. My hypothesis comes from sudden inspiration or enlightenment while practicing Shaolin meditation and Dharma meditation.

For a while now I have been fascinated with the physical phenomena of Phase Conjugance. I came across the concept while researching advanced radar and believe it or not antigravity theories or developments. The idea to me was elegant simple and very powerful and could be used to explain a lot.

Basically Phased Conjugance is a physical phenomena where under the right circumstances energy reflecting off of surrounding objects will bounce right back into the path of the energy source's energy radiation. Ie... with optical light energy radiated from a source will radiate in (generally) all directions. Most of the light will scatter off of whatever it hits and radiate away and off into where ever. some of it though, a small amount will bounce back and collide with the out going energy from it's original source. Much like a wave coming shore as the tide pulled a wave out back into the ocean. they collide. Phase conjugance is the phenomena that happens when this energy runs into it's self, in fact it starts to favor the conduit it creates by running back along it's own course and in the end colliding with the energy beam emminated from it's source. Ie outgoing energy beam strikes with it's own reflection. The energy seems to contain it's self and bottles up forming a capacitor of sorts where the energy put put by the source adds to the capacitor forming a huge amount of energy that is contained in a sort of soliton wave or field. Think standing wave (acoustics, or with water) Where this energy collides a wave pattern emerges creating a hologram. A very advanced hologram that is 3 dimensional. Obviously the real physical conditions and description of phased conjugance is more complex but in a nut shell thats what it breaks down to.

Now to my hypothesis.

THe universe is mulitdimensional.
The universe is nothing more than a sea of energy. an vast ocean of it.
The universe although infinite, has a finite size that sets a standard vibrational frequency (think string or membrane theory where there is a constant fundamental frequency or background energy at a specific energy or frequency)
Like a cup of water the water is the universe the edge of the cup is it's finite limit. Like the T rex in Jurassic park stomping on the ground when the universe vibrates waves of energy at a certain frequency go back and forth the cup's water vibrates. notice the standing waves that form where the water bounces off the edge of the cup and hits it's self. those are harmonics. The harmonics are places where the energy stacks up or reinforces it's self. although it's still pure energy it manifests it's self like it's solid. What we would interpret as matter. Ie everything is like a boson-pure energy. where the harmonics line up it manifests as a fermion-matter.

But the universe is multidimensional. that energy harmonic is like a column extending through all dimensions of space (we are generally aware of only 3 dimensions from our perspective, but even our bodies energy is multidimensional.) when the energy is bouncing back and forth through that multidimensional harmonic column the outgoing wave from 1D or 11D or however many dimensions there are bounces against it's return wave where it has been reflected back when it reaches the zenith (11D or 1D depending on ones perspective.) in the middle where the energies collide a pattern emerges from the collision-like in a hologram created from optical phase conjugance. That pattern creates the human (or tree, or anything else )shape from the matter which is really only a energy harmonic acting like a solid. Our bodies are holograms essentially of this back ground energy's harmonics bouncing back and forth between multidimensions. where the energy interacts a pattern emerges creating human bodies. the principle simple repeats it's self in 3dimensions creating another phase conjugance hologram where the net effect is interpreted at our conciousness.

humans and our conciousness are all just aspects of multidimensional Phase conjugant (zero point energy?) energy resonance. We are part of the whole (the universal energy ocean alluded to earlier) and individuals as we are just part of the harmonic node that brought us about to manifest in the first place. two sides to the same coin in a way.

THe brain acts as a fine tuned instrument to finesse this conjugate. A conjugate mixer of sorts but is not our conciousness. It does the work of balancing the outgoing energy and the reicieving of incomming reflected energy waves. keeping them in harmony. Also, as the body moves through out space and the multiple dimesional aspect there is a relative doppler effect.

Fail to finesse that doppler effect and the field gets unstable and we get sick. Fail to finesse the soliton field and the phase conjugant hologram by letting it build up too much energy (liken back to the capacitor) and we die suddenly (like bruce lee, he to all of the people who knew him was getting stronger and stronger in his internal energy, day by day. but,m he failed to control and manipulate it effectively and the soliton field got too strong, and blew out his 3dimensional self like a blown out transistor and died suddenly)

The skin of the human body is like a kalystron (sp) tube. a tube basically tuned to whatever energy frequency one is channeling through it. Along the tube there are sections made to exploit the natural harmonics of that frequency and amplify it. the skin could act like a multidimensional organ ( a biological kaylstron tube) the energy harmonics along this kaylstron( skin) would be akin to the acupressure and acupuncture points. naturally along with this phenomena would be mini eddies of standing energy (they may be multidimensional) which would be our chakra points. (think of the standing soliton fields generated by a Searl generator)

As the brain is basically a phase conjugate mixer it has some control over the over all shape of the energy field. What we put out comes back and has effects. this could be likened to Karma but really I think it is the simple phenomena of yin and yang. what goes out reflects back creating something. we have control over that. really every thing I've described is simply reduced to the concept of yin and yang.

Perhaps the endocrine systems various organs (pinal, patuitary, etc...)are how we extrapolate the multidimensional energy into our 3 dimensional selves. another multidimensional organ. Like a gunn diode or magnetron at the base of microwave phase conjugate systems.

So basically this is my hypothesis. I try to stay away from scientific terms as much as possible so that it is easier to understand. I'm not saying we are literally phase conjugant zero point energy resonances but that we operate and are created using the same principles or something similar.

we are basically holograms physically created by the interaction of energy bouncing back n forth along multidimensional space and with the same principle repeated on every level so is our consciousness a product of that phenomena too.

Like I said earlier, please feel free to respond with your own insights, critiques or thoughts as that is what I am seeking. a way to refine my hypothesis. I will be checking with this thread regularly to respond to posts. I will be happy to explain part in better detail or discuss any part of my hypothesis.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,



Side note: GHosts, supposed psychic or paranormal abilities including strange meditative experiences could be the brain becoming aware of the subtle multidimensional differences in the multidimensional energy field or going on in upper or lower hyperdimensional space. in upper dimensions everything is connected including our 3 dimensional energy. it's very possible that we are tapping into everything else at once, if we learn to pay attention to the subtle signs, so that we do indeed communicate via multidimensions with other people (psychics) to viewing similar phenomina (ghosts, paranormal)

Also, through meditation and certain practices we learn to manipulate our multidimensional selves. How to draw energy out from this multidimensional energy (chi gong, kundalini) and remote view by accessing our multidimensional selves.

Like I said just a hypothesis. hard to explain but very simple and elegant once one gets an understanding of the concepts I am trying to explain.

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posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by BASSPLYR

You stay away from all scientific theories and phrases? I tried this too and i am a student
And i can tell you: It does no good. My comment is very simple. Go, fetch some serious books about physics or whatever and use the phrases that are explained in there. Give it at least a try, i think you will be fascinated. Science is much better than people think it is. It will give you lots of useful tools to expand your thoughts.

For, as far as i can see, your theory is very shallow. It's more an idea than a theory, but you can expand it, for example with the string theory. So, hopefully it will become much more substance and weight. But it's much more work to do

Good luck

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 08:41 PM

Originally posted by Wachstum
reply to post by BASSPLYR

You stay away from all scientific theories and phrases? I tried this too and i am a student
And i can tell you: It does no good. My comment is very simple. Go, fetch some serious books about physics or whatever and use the phrases that are explained in there. Give it at least a try, i think you will be fascinated. Science is much better than people think it is. It will give you lots of useful tools to expand your thoughts.

For, as far as i can see, your theory is very shallow. It's more an idea than a theory, but you can expand it, for example with the string theory. So, hopefully it will become much more substance and weight. But it's much more work to do

Good luck

"Whether you can observe a thing or not depends on the theory which you use. It is the theory which decides what can be observed." -Einstein

To the author: from where does that energy comes from? Can spiritual entities affect us phisicaly if we can see them? IOW: If they punch us and we see it.

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 10:58 PM
Wach said:

"You stay away from all scientific theories and phrases? I tried this too and i am a student And i can tell you: It does no good. My comment is very simple. Go, fetch some serious books about physics or whatever and use the phrases that are explained in there. Give it at least a try, i think you will be fascinated. Science is much better than people think it is. It will give you lots of useful tools to expand your thoughts.

For, as far as i can see, your theory is very shallow. It's more an idea than a theory, but you can expand it, for example with the string theory. So, hopefully it will become much more substance and weight. But it's much more work to do"

I do not remember the poster stating he stayed away from scientific theories. In fact, one gets the impression that this particular poster is well-informed about such theories. I would venture to say a lot more than most. I do not want to speak for the poster, but I believe he was eschewing language that a layperson could not understand. In this regard, he did an amazing job considering the subject matter.

Which specific aspects did you think were shallow? What was presented is far past a mere idea. He offered a hypothesis and substantiated his reasons. Of course, it does not answer everything. It is a theory. The poster never suggested it is a scientific law. To be honest, I strongly believe he is on the right track.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 11:11 AM
Thank you BASSPLYR for sparking my interest.

I tend to stay away from these - social - things due to life being the way that it is, not that this is a bad thing, but more so less efficient than doing nothing and simply being. I am joining this wonderful little chat because I feel that people should be thinking this way (Points to BASSPLYR) these days, and less about shopping, taxes, fast food and video games. Thank you for staying open minded and being aware that you are aware.

Now let us get started. I have known for quite some time now that reality is an illusion. I cannot prove this to you, and you will just have to accept the fact that you will never know if I am telling the truth or not. Though it matters not because what I have to say will activate your CONSCIOUSNESS and your PINEAL GLAND and your IMAGINATION, and if this is all that I do then I will have been successful, and honestly what is truth anyway? My life has taught me many things and one of these is that truth is what you want it to be. I am one of those free thinkers and I can only hope that you question my authentication, for questioning is not and will never be a privilege. Thank you for reading thus far, and I think I need to make a pot of coffee.


What are ghosts, and where do they come from, and how are they ghosts? How is it that everyone from everywhere knows what a ghost is? I would bet that you cannot stump a single person that you come across as to what a ghost, spectre, spirit, translucent being is. Most have even heard of ectoplasm, or the astral, parallel realities, and multidimesions. So we all have some idea as to what they are and how they have made birth, yet we still live in doubt. If they exist then what does that make out of our corporeal being? One of our physical bodies ceases to live and then the next thing we know their translucent being is walking through walls in their old home? Now why would they do that, and what would be the purpose? If one dies they would move on or cease to exist, not haunt their previously occupied home, unless they did not know that they were dead, or even that they knew but did not want to admit, or even perhaps they missed a part of themselves that they no longer had now that they are without a physical body? Questions, so many questions. I hope you see what I am getting at here. One of, if not the most widely known paranormal occurrence in the world reveals much more than we care to give credit.


You dream, I dream, we all dream. What are dreams, and why do they occur? Yet another widely known occurrence all over the whole world and yet we still live in doubt. We still mossy along without even second guessing the docs and the lab coats and the - smart educated - people. The fact that everyone knows what a dream is and has one if not thousands of these in a lifetime would surely gain massive global interest? People dream of planes and falling and flying and aliens and even the Universe. There are scary dreams and happy dreams and even dreams that take place in the future. Wait a minute, what was that last one? Did I just say Precognition? Am I saying that one can dream about the future and then happen to come across that exact scenario? Sort of as déjà vu but with dreaming instead of wakefulness. What is déjà vu? That is another one that many people seem to have from time to time, the feeling of already being in the current scenario prior to that moment. Perhaps déjà vu is just another bleed-through from one reality to another, or perhaps our consciousness tapping or tuning into or out to something?

I would bet my cup of coffee that if we truly thought about these things that I have mentioned herein we might just have a better understanding of what reality is or isn’t. We may just be closer to whatever or wherever our creator is. Just maybe. Just maybe we can think a little bit more about these weird, unusual, paranormal and every day occurring things. Perhaps we can question more and follow less. Perhaps.

Till next time, one fellow wanderer out.


BASSPLYR, I do not know if we are holograms or not, but I can say that it makes much more sense than what the schooling and religious systems ever taught me.

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posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 12:18 PM
Thank You to all who have commented on my hypothesis. I am grateful that you all have taken the time to read it and even further that you have taken the time to comment.

To those who feel I am straying from science, nothing can be further from the truth. Go look up Phase conjugance, it's pretty cool science. It a real phenomena. Get the concept of the physical phenomena that it describes and apply it to what I have proposed. It might make sense. I am not saying that we are really phase conjugate zero point energy resonances, just that we may formed through some similar process.

I purposely have strayed away from getting too technical to make the idea more accessable to the lay person. I could get real technical but I'm pretty sure the reader would have waved the boredom flag halfway through my post.

Where does the energy come from-everywhere. As I said there is a background energy level at a certain frequency that IS the entire universe, in my opinion. All matter in my opinion is just stacked up energy forming along harmonic nodes of this fundamental resonance. Which is the highest dimensional space possible. That is the universe. we only preceive 3D maybe time if that equals 4D, but in actuality we are still part of and experiencing all dimensions all at once. these harmonic nodes are singularities that extend all through hyperdimensional space. From the complete picture of 11D or however many there turns out to be down to 1D. it's all one thing really.

The energy that this harmonic node represents is flowing back n forth through all the dimensions all at once. It appears everywhere at once in even distribution through out this multidimensional harmonic node but at the same time is resonating up and down through the dimensions. the energy is reverberating back and forth between the upper and lower dimensional space within this node and while interacting with it's own out going (relative to ones perspective of the emination, which in reality is everywhere with in the node at once) and incoming emissions. Similar to the probe beam in phase conjugance interacting with it's original outgoing transmission interacts creating a interference pattern, where the pattern forms a hologram that is 3 dimensional. This phenomena is real with optics, microwaves under the right circumstances, they are just energy. so why not something similar happening with the energy bouncing around the universe?

So our human bodies are created from the interference pattern of our energy bouncing around the multidimensional space that is within this harmonic node responsible for in the 3d for creating the matter that makes up our bodies. The shape of the body is dictated by this interference pattern- we are mutlidimensional holograms.

Our conciousnes could follow the same basic principle. It too could be a phase conjugate of sorts.

The brain might not be the seat of the soul per say but more like a phase conjugate mixer. Basically it manages the incoming and out going energy it receives through this multidimensional conjugate effect. the net effect of the process is our conciousness. really a ghost in the machine and yet so much more as we are sentient or at least perceive ourselves to be so.

Phase conjugance creates a soliton ( like a standing wave that can increase in energy, like a capacitor of sorts) energy field where the interaction between the outgoing and incoming energy meet. since the energy is generally limited to this multidimensional harmonic node it gets bottled up, creating this multidimensional soliton. But all soliton fields must be finessed carefully or they can collapse destructively so-ie we die. More over since this energy wave is travelling through out space relative to it's point of reference it has a doppler effect that must be managed. the brain might be responsiple for this along with other organs. Fail to manage the wave properly and we get sick. get it running smooth we stay healthy.

To me this out going energy is akin to Yin. the return probe beam is akin to Yang. They exist in the Tao (the universe) and when the two meet yin and Yang there is reality that we perceive. I the interaction patterns, the phase conjugances, the holograms that we see as matter and reality, but are really just manifestations of upper dimensional space which is basically pure energy.

Sorry I repeated a lot of the same material but I am trying to clarify my hypothesis a little more, so that the reader can form a mental picture of what I believe is happening.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 02:13 PM
Sorry, but a google search for "phase conjugance" turns out to be nearly empty.

Nevertheless, i get your basic idea: Matter is created by the interference of incoming Yin energy and outgoing yang energy.

mmh, the problem is, that our basic observation of this world tells us very clearly, that matter moves totally independent from each other. In your model all matter would move in relation to each other. As it is with the picture of two waves that move towards and over each other: They form for a short time an interfering wave and then move apart from each other in different directions.

You try to solve this problem with the introduction of the brain as an organ, that constantly manipulates the waves. So, do you mean that the brain has to keep up the physical form of the body all the time? In my opinion, that is not a convincing theory. Because there is no observation to assist the assumption.

Here is a great video about the unified field theory. It also does assume, that matter is only an illusion. But as the generating force of this illusion, consciousness, not waves, are predicted. That makes a lot of sense, since this theory would explain, why there is consciousness in the first place. Consciousness could not have been evolved out of dumb matter, so it had to be there from the beginning.

Sorry for my foul grammar, my english is not that fluent anymore. Hope this clarification helps a bit


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