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Could This Be a UFO ?

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 10:11 AM
This has happened twice. The first time was about six months ago, and the second just today. During the first encounter, I was up at about 4am, and for no reason in particular, looked out of a window of my home. I saw a big orange light in the sky. It was stationary and not twinkling.
Aircraft normally use this route, and I have watched lights like this approach my home from the horizon. The aircraft lights also appear as orange stationary lights at first, but within a minute or two they get close enough to my home for me to view their twinkling blue and red lights. When the aircraft get close enough for me to hear their engines, they make a left turn and continue on their journey. I have seen hundreds of aircraft behave this way at night.
On this occasion however, the light remained stationary for the ten minutes or so I watched it. I then decided to have a look at the light with my binoculars. But when I got my binoculars and came back to the window ( took me about half a minute ), the light had completely disappeared.
Today, I took my dog out for a walk at 9pm. I noticed the orange light again. It was also bright and stationary. Like the first time, it looked slightly different from normal aircraft lights. I therefore watched it keenly. The sky was clear, and there were no clouds. I watched it for more than five minutes. It did not budge from its place, and the light was steady, without any twinkling. My dog then spotted a cat or something, and lunged forward. I was therefore distracted for a moment. When I looked back at the sky, the light had completely vanished - just like that.
Do aircraft turn off their lights for some reason at night ? Why was it that the light vanished when I stopped looking at it for a moment. I strongly suspect that the objects were quite aware that I was studying it closely, and disappeared when the opportunity presented itself. It could be a UFO. What do members think ?

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 10:15 AM
Ok.. I am an official ATS'er now.

Word claims can't tell anyone anything. Sure it sounds like you saw something, but only you know what you saw.

Nobody here can disproove or agree with what you are saying, because we have no image to analyze.

Next time this happens, get some video or take a picture. That gives us something to look at and analyze for you.

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 10:36 AM
It sound a bit like what my husband and I experienced a little over a year and a half ago. It was around 3-5 am we saw a light in the sky while smoking outside my apartment (not orange but white). It was clear out, not a cloud to be seen. We watched it for almost 15 minutes. It was stationary for a little while and then seemed to move back and forth quickly (we studied its movements based on the stationary telephone poles) and would fade out for a few seconds as if moving away and then come back into view until it was finally just gone.

This happened several more times in the next couple of weeks. Then one night I was standing outside with a friend and it showed up again. Everytime I tried to draw my friend's attention to it, it disappeared!

For about a week it didn't show up again. But then I was at work (I worked 3rd shift at retirement home working with alsheimer (sp?) patients) the next week, doing my hall patrol when I looked out a window and saw what I believe was that same light. So, I quickly asked for a smoke break and sat outside to watch it. It acted the exact same way as it had outside my apartment. My husband confirmed that he saw it that night as well around the same time (he worked 3rd shift at a hospital transporting patients and had stepped out to have a cigarette).

I have not seen it since the end of October/beginning of November 2007. So yeah, it sounds kinda similar. I don't know why it would let my husband and I see it but not my other friend, I always found that quite weird.

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